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Item #: SCP-113-KO

Object Class: Safe


SCP-113-KO-1 provided for D-class personnel during the experiment

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-113-KO is contained in a small refrigerator in the 3m*3m sized large vault located in the special storage chamber in the site 48. While it is not actually necessary to put it in the cold storage, cold temperature will be more useful for the future experiments. The large vault will be watched by 8 security managers on shift 24 hours. While the director of the site 48 gave permission to provide personnel with SCP-113-KO-1 if wanted after the strict evaluation procedure, it is permanently forbidden to bring SCP-113-KO itself outside of the refrigerator.

Description: SCP-113-KO is sort of a quadrangular prism shaped carton for containing milk, made with paper board which is made of natural pulp with sterilized polyethylene coated in both side. Its base plane is 70.21mm * 70.21mm and total volume is 1,000 ml. This precisely matches with typical Korean milk cartons. In the surface, the word 'Always fresh morning! Exciting weekend soon!' is written in Korean with red letters and a character which resembles a cow is placed in the center of the carton. Its production date is January 13th, 197█, Thursday, and it says the manufacturer is <██ milk>, which went bankrupt after roughly 1 year after the business has started due to the large scale strike of the laborers. While laborers said 'meals including the breakfast provided, work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., work for 5 days a week, dormitory for everyone', which was a sensational working condition back then, was being kept as written in the articles of incorporation, they claimed they were suffering from endless night works and overtime labors for unknown reasons. After the facility went bankrupt, the owner of such facility committed suicide and his son appeared to have inherited SCP-113-KO.

It is known that it cannot be burnt, torn, or destroyed in any ways and the 'milk(hereinafter referred to as SCP-113-KO-1)', which is made in its inside with unknown method is always refilled whenever the carton is emptied. when the personnel consume SCP-113-KO-1, they will think that it's THURSDAY no matter what, and this has caused them to increase their stamina, their willingness and efficiency of work, and their devotion to their company and voluntarily suggest the idea of improving factory production method. Also those personnel dealt with the slightly unreasonable demands(sudden night shift, works that are irrelevant to their field) delightfully. When a day pass the effect of SCP-113-KO-1 will disappear, the personnel will forget about what happened originated from the inference of the last day wasn't actually Thursday. if the originated part is is the whole memory of the last day, the entire memory will remained blurry. SCP-113-KO-1 keeps itself fresh when it's inside SCP-113-KO, it will decay like a regular milk once it is outside. For more detailed characteristics, see the experiment log.

SCP-113-KO was retrieved from Park ██, CEO of the famous salt manufacturer ███. Park ██ claimed he inherited it from his father who was a milk manufacturer, and he said he never used it in inhumanely or unreasonably. He said he was firmly keeping his sensational working condition('meals including the breakfast provided, work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., work for 5 days a week, dormitory for everyone'), and his staff members gave the same testimony.

However, based on the employee performance log and CCTV record of the manufacturer ███, all of those were proven false and ███ personnel who is working or worked for the manufacturer had ███ ███ hours of unpaid works. This has happened mostly by voluntary work or Park ██'s unreasonable night shift demand. The factory made them consume SCP-113-KO-1 every morning as their breakfast,
and none of the people with milk allergy or lactose intolerance was hired for consumption of SCP-113-KO-1. The company hired people without close relatives in priority, and Park ██ also [redacted] including [redacted] for keeping the secret of his company. After retrieving SCP-113-KO, Park ██ the CEO was administered Class-1 amnesiacs, and while salt manufacturer ███ used to be a lead manufacturer with newest facility, amazing production and outstanding quality, it went bankrupt in 2011, 90 days after the retrieval of the SCP due to the poor performance. Park ██ ended his life in suicide, as his father did.
External Log 733X6: Video interview record of Worker C and Worker F from the salt manufacturer ███ before their resign.

Interviewers: According to interview log from the salt manufacturer ███ where SCP-113-K, Worker C is age 42, Asian male, was working for other part time jobs and entered roughly 3 years ago as to his resignation date.

Other interview subject F applied for resignation at the same time as C, his days of work was 34 days. No other personnel has resigned this shortly. Age 27, Asian male, entered the company after graduating college.

The interviewer was Park ██, the CEO of the company at that moment.

** <Begin Log, ██/██ Sunday, unknown time>

Park ██:** So, you want to resign? What a gloomy talk in the good day like Thursday!

Worker C: Yes, personally it's regrettable. I think my health has become slightly worse. No other company will provide meals, and let me work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. like here, and most importantly, work for 5 days a week with the dormitory.

(At this moment Worker F started to break out in a cold sweat and shake his legs compulsively.)

Park ██: Sure, sure. Not many companies can keep this great working condition strictly as us. But why do you want to resign? I'll give you a vacation instead, how about that?

Worker C: (C whispers to F grumbly "You stop shaking your leg, you're distracting me.") Ah, thank you for your vacation offer. It's that my body is so tired nowadays. I think I'm like, got old fast. Now I'm only in my 40s, and I think I've become an 80-year-old man. I don't know why, I'm working delightfully every day. It's a bit hard to wake up in the dormitory, and worst of all, I got indigestion and I throw up my meal after breakfast these days.

Park ██: (he looks very surprised after C said he throws up his breakfast, but regained calm after a short while) Whaat? It looks like you've gotten a lot worse. It seems it won't be solved by a vacation. As you wish. I'll be generous about your severance pay. (sound of suspiciously smacking his tongue)Well, I'm sorry to hear that but there's no other option. while diligent workers like you aren't much but people who want to join our company are.
Worker C: Thank you. (Truly regretting look in his face) Once again I feel very sorry for this. Then could I leave now? Have a nice Thursday!
(After Worker C gets his permission, he glanced at Worker F strangely and then left the interview site. Worker F was still breaking out with a cold sweat with serious anxiety)
Park ██: (quietly murmurs "Damn it, that was close", glances at Worker F and says indifferently) Ah, yes, you said you want to resign too? I get that, so be it.
Worker F:(dazed as if he's passed out and then)Uh, thank you. I'll leave.

Worker F: Sir, isn't it Sunday today?

Park ██: (frowns) What's that supposed to mean?

Worker F: (Speaks highly quickly) No, I know it's the company policy but, uh.. Yes! Where the hell is that milk come from? In fact I found it weird to see people too bright when I first got here. Well it wasn't a big deal, but… uh.. I've become weird myself once I drank it. I think it's definitely not Thursday today but other workers say it is, and so I can't remember did I worked yesterday or not… Anyway the moment that thing goes to my throat, it's like, (2 seconds of silence) I personally send a sample to my friend who's working for FDA to check that out

Park ██:(interrupts) How many days passed since you skipped breakfast?

Worker F: //(Surprised) Uh, how did you know that?

Park ██: (Relaxed smile) There were other workers who was talking the same. How many?

Worker F: (After a short hesitation) About three, four days, why?

(Grave gunshot, Scream, Camera falls to the floor because of the fuss and shows ceiling of the interview site)

Park ██: That's a company article violation, you bloody rat.

<End Log>

The following is the list of foundation experiments on the retrieved SCP-113-KO.

Experiment Log-113-A: Test result after converting SCP-113-KO-1 into cheese, butter, and other milk products

SCP-113-KO-1 was converted to cheese, butter, yogurt, and almost every other milk product and its effect remains the same as the original.

For the following experiments, the foundation made a small simple factory and dormitory for about 10 D-Class personnel can work. D-Class personnel will repetitively work on making 'a lump of clay' from a pile of clay and put it on the moving conveyor belt. Also, D-Class personnel was reminded with the following work condition : 'meals including the breakfast provided, work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., work for 5 days a week, dormitory for everyone'.

Experiment Log-113-B: First interview with personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1

Foreword: A simple interview to identify the effect of SCP-113-KO-1

Subject: [D-3███, Age 24, Asian male, outgoing personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was included in the breakfast]

<Begin Log, ██/██ Saturday, 11:32 a.m.>

Dr. ██: Good morning! How's your work?

D-3███: Ah, sure, doc. Nobody can refuse this relaxed work environment. (D-3███'s shedding monologue, "Well I don't quite understand where those lumps of clay goes…") and it's Thursday today, isn't it? What an exciting day.

Dr. ██: Do you like Thursday? If it's about work for 5 days a week policy, then isn't Friday better?

D-3███:(Slightly frowns his eyebrows) Of course, of course. Friday is also great! But uh, I can't focus on Fridays because of thoughts about end of work and break. Also it's really annoying when someone asks me to do a night shift in Friday. But on Thursday it seems the works going great cause I feel good or something, and I just gladly do my night shifts without murmurs.

Dr. ██: I see, well though, many people would have different favorite days of the week.

(Then D-3███ gives a menacing look and his voice became louder.)

D-3███: No, there can't be any argument about that. Anybody will say Thursday is the best. Not just workers in this factory, anyone will say that. I cannot tolerate any opinion that says Thursday is not the best. Not even you. I will not leave you alone if you say that again.

(D-3███ huffs and puffs in rage, mutters "Thursday is the best…" without relaxing and starts to get foam in his mouth.)

Dr. ██: Oh, very well. Of course Thursday is the best. in fact, I love Thursdays as well.

(Dr. ██ was given with the next question but the doctor refuses to ask for a couple of times. "Are you kidding? Can you say that after seeing that bastard's face? He's gonna kill me for asking this.")

Dr. ██: Well then, Don't you think it's Saturday today, not Thursday? I think you misunderstood.

D-3███:(Stands up as soon as he finishes his word and becomes extremely violent) WHAT? What kind of a dogshit is that? Today is Thursday no matter what. If you want a dog barking sound go hang out with puppies! It's Thursday today! Thursday! THURSDAY!

(Since then D-3███ rushes towards Dr.██, bites the hand and neck several times and then assaulted with his fist and feet, causing wounds that took 6 weeks to cure. 3 security managers moved in and took D-3███ away, and is was suggested to place at least 5 security managers in the next interview. D-3███ regained calm about 3 hours later and didn't remember the interview.)

Conclusion: The personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 showed excessive aggression about an opinion of not Thursday, and it seems they have a paranoiac amnesia.

Experiment Log-113-C: Experiment result of reminding person who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 with the reasonable argument

Foreword: We have decided to convince the consumed personnel more logically. Due to the lack of people, Dr. ██ from Experiment Log-113-B was deployed once again.
Note:Damnit, get me a gun, too, would you? - Dr. ██
6 security managers followed to the interview site.

Subject: [D-1███, Age 48, Asian male, prudent personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was included in his breakfast]

<Begin Log, ██/██, Monday, 3:12 p.m.>

Dr. ██: (In an exaggerated tone) Bloody shiny sunny fantastic Thursday! Isn't it, D-1███?

D-1███: (Smiles brightly) Ah, yes, doctor. I'm doing great in my work, thanks to that I guess. By the way, did you put on those bandages? what happened?

Dr. ██: I was attacked by some lunatic called day-of-the-week zealot, no big deal though. So I heard you're a reader of The Monday Seoul, right? That weekly magazine that comes out every Monday.

D-1███: Sure! I was reading it since I was in the university and its editor in chief was the same person for 25 years. I really love his way of edits and critical minds. Witty remark, I guess? About The Monday Seoul I read today.

Dr. ██: (Interrupts) Right! You received The Monday Seoul today, didn't you?

D-1███: Yes?

Dr. ██: The Monday Seoul is delivered every Monday?

D-1███: So?

Dr. ██: (With a confident look in his face) What day is it today, then?

(D-1███, who was answering just fine, suddenly stops as if he's having a seizure. Pauses as he opens his mouth and eyes for 8 seconds, his pupil continues to expand)

Dr. ██: D-1███?

(D-1███ rushes toward to Dr.██, screaming "Of course it's Thursday! you f[Expletive]!" with a horrible shriek. Security mangers moved immediately and tried to stop D-1███. After several gunshots, Scream in pain can be heard, which is from security managers and Dr.██.)

Dr.██ and 6 security managers were killed on the site. D-1███ has acquired abnormal strength and vitality, and ██ Installation reaction team were urgently deployed to take D-1███ down. D-1███ was killed after he got hit by hundreds of gunshots.

Conclusion: Further experiment on convincing consumed personnel that it's not Thursday has been discontinued. While it is not certain, it seems the more logically people tries to convince the subject, the more aggression and vitality the subject gains for unknown reason.

Experiment Log-113-D: Experiment result of personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 was reminded that it's not 'Thursday' by chance.

Subject:[D-4███, Age 28, Asian Female, 164cm, Lazy personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was provided in 1:12 am after the last day's night shift]

Foreword: D-4███ was provided with a specially created alarm bell. The alarm bell is a latest electric alarm clock using LED, the part where it shows the day of the week is especially indicated in deep red color, and it also emits signal that tells the day when the alarm rings.

<Begin log, [██/██ Monday, 8:00 a.m.]>

(inside the subject's room, alarm bell on the subject's bedside rings the electric rhythm for the wake up.)

D-4███: (Huddles up in the bed, annoyingly raises body slightly and checks out the alarm bell)Ah…What day is it today? I wanna sleep more. I don't wanna go work.

(Soon the word 'MON' indicating it's Monday is marked in red light.)

The alarm bell: (In a loud and clear Asian female voice) Today is ██/██. Monday.

(The alarm bell pauses for 2 seconds)

The alarm bell: (In a loud and clear Asian female voice) Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday.

(D-4███ wakes up in the bed and gazes at the alarm bell with a sleepy look in her face. The alarm bell stops after it repeats 'Monday.' compulsively for 30 seconds.)

(3 seconds of silence, then the subject rubs her eyes and suddenly bursts out smiling)

D-4███: It's Thursday today, though!

(D-4███ wakes up in the bed and runs outside the room in a happy rhythm to wash, end of video.)

<End log, ██/██ Monday, 8:03 a.m.>

Conclusion: The consumed personnel could not perceive the information that it's 'not Thursday' at all. Judging from this, it is confirmed that the defense mechanism of the personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 includes total disregard, other than excessive aggression.

Experiment Log-113-E: The working limit of the personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 and the final result

Subjects: The entire D-Class personnel who were deployed. This is to test how long the experiment can go on and check the several final symptoms. The last remaining personnel, D-9███ is continuing the experiment for ████ days and it is currently still in progress.

Conclusion: In the early stage of the experiment, D-Class personnel showed abnormal work efficiency and outcome, and they showed enthusiastic attitude, to the point where they voluntarily modify the structure of the conveyor belt to make in more efficient. However, as the experiment goes on for [Redacted] days, participants showed memory loss, rapid aging, mental disorder and other various disorders and gave up the test. Ultimately, people who participated in the experiment more than 2,000 days shared permanent loss of the sense of the day despite the consumption of SCP-113-KO-1 has been discontinued.

Later, researcher Namgoong ██ suggested to provide major research agents in the facility with SCP-113-KO-1, however this was indefinitely delayed due to its risk.

Note 1: When the experiment has been done under conditions of 'work for 4 days a week, work for 6 days a week', while the D-Class personnel still had the defense mechanisms about Thursday, their work efficiency is shown relatively decreased compared with '5 days a week' condition. Therefore, the 'meals including the breakfast provided, work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., work for 5 days a week, dormitory for everyone' condition appears to be made after various trial and error to exploit SCP-113-KO most 'capitalistically' and 'breed' the laborers. - Senior researcher ██

Note 2: it even scares me to exploit this thing that could have been useless this far. Assuming its characteristics were affected by the fact that its production date is '1/13/197█, Thursday', it's difficult to exclude the fact that 'other day series' from the same factory could exist. If they are, it's highly likely that these exploits are being repeated with 'appropriate work condition' like this case. Begin the additional research immediately. -The director of Site 48

SCP-113-KO Incident Log:Thursday Bomb