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This is the timeline of the Antimemetics Division Tales and its related SCP entries. This timeline is intended as reference information only and should be read after you have read the Tales. Additionally, the intended reading order of the Tales is publication order, as shown on the hub page, not the chronological order shown below.
이것은 항밈학과 이야기와 SCP에 대한 타임라인입니다. 이 타임라인은 참조용으로만 사용되며 다른 이야기들을 읽은 후 읽어야 합니다. 또한, 이야기들의 의도된 읽기 순서는 허브 페이지에 게시된 순서이지 아래 표시된 시간 순서가 아닙니다.

As with all Foundation-related fiction, the Antimemetics Division timeline is unlikely to be consistent with continuity established by unrelated SCPs or Tales.

모든 재단 관련 소설과 마찬가지로, 항밈학과 타임라인은 기존에 쓰인 관련 없는 다른 SCP나 이야기의 설정과는 이어지지 않습니다.

~120,000 years ago(~120,000년 전)

An ancient protohuman culture known as the Oblitus people becomes technologically advanced and flourishes in North America and other parts of the world. This culture is eventually wiped out in a confrontation with a lethal memeplex which the Foundation designates SCP-9429-A, which is an aspect of SCP-3125. The modern Foundation Antimemetics Division believes this conflict to be the first and only Antimemetics War.

Oblitus라고 알려진 고대 원시 문화의 사람들이 기술적으로 발전하고 북아메리카와 다른 지역에서 발전하다. 이 문화는 결국 재단이 SCP-9429-A라고 지정한 SCP-3125의 측면인 치명적인 밈 복합체와의 대치로 사라짐. 현대 항밈학과에서는 이 충돌을 최초이자 유일한 항밈 전쟁이라고 추측중이다.

SCP-9429, a memorial to the countless people who died in this confrontation, is constructed as possibly the Oblitus people's final act before their entire cultural memeplex becomes permanently antimemetically contaminated.

SCP-9429는 이 대결에서 죽은 수많은 사람들을 기리는 기념비로서, 그들의 문화적 밈 복합체가 영구적으로 항밈적으로 오염되기 전에 Oblitus 사람들의 마지막 행위로 만들었을 가능성이 있다.

The few survivors of this culture integrate with the rest of the human species.

이 문화의 극소수 생존자들은 나머지 인류와 통합된다.


Lyn Patrick Marness born.

린 패트릭 마르네스가 태어난다.


The "Unthinkables" project begins, with Marness on board. Initially an experiment in advanced propaganda, its objective is to find a way for the Allies to circumvent the physical conflict of World War II and destroy Nazism as an abstract concept.

마르네스가 소속된 "상상 불가" 프로젝트가 시작된다. 처음엔 진보된 프로파간다 실험으로써, 연합군이 제 2차 세계 대전에서 물리적 충돌을 회피하면서 추상적인 개념으로 나치즘을 파괴하기 위해 행해졌다.


The Unthinkables construct and test-detonate their first antimemetic bomb… and accidentally destroy all of their research into antimemetic bombs. The Unthinkables learn their lesson and start over, but very soon the war is ended by other means.

상상 불가 팀이 첫 번째 항밈 폭탄을 만들고 시험 폭파를 시켜보았다가…그로 인해 사고로 그들의 모든 연구를 잊음. Unthinkables는 이 일에서 교훈을 얻고 다시 시작하지만, 곧 다른 수단으로 전쟁이 끝난다.


An outbreak of SCP-1425, which is possibly an aspect of SCP-3125, occurs. During the crisis, the Foundation acquires/absorbs the Unthinkables team. Another antimemetic bomb is used to contain the outbreak. Marness joins the Foundation as a field agent.

아마도 SCP-3125의 측면이라고 생각되는 SCP-1425가 발생한다. 사건 중에 재단은 상상 불가 팀을 획득/흡수한다. 다른 항밈 폭탄이 SCP-1425를 격리하기 위해 사용된다. Marnes가 재단의 현장 요원으로 들어온다.


Bart Hughes born.

바트 휴즈가 태어난다.


27 February: Adam Bellamy Wheeler born.

2월 27일: 애덤 벨라미 휠러가 태어난다.


Marion Audrey Hutchinson born.

매리언 오드리 허친슨이 태어난다.


The Foundation Unthinkables team encounters SCP-3125 and is immediately attacked by it. They detonate an antimemetic bomb to contain it, at the cost of the erasure of the entire team except for Marness, who is left amnesiac.

Later that year Marness (re-)establishes the Foundation Antimemetics Division. In relatively short order, most of the Unthinkables' previously contained SCPs are re-acquired.


Marness retires, aged 70. Marion Hutchinson, now an Antimemetics Division field agent, is among those witnessing.


SCP-2256 acquired.


Events of Fresh Hell. While on assignment, Hutchinson meets Adam Wheeler, a civilian. They subsequently become romantically involved.


Summer: Marion and Adam get married. She takes his name, becoming Marion Audrey Wheeler.


22 April to 11 May: Events of SCP-1425. Another SCP-1425 outbreak occurs. This outbreak is contained by the Foundation at huge cost and against huge odds, using conventional (i.e. non-antimemetic) means. The Antimemetics Division is not involved in this operation and possibly unaware of it.


30 October: SCP-2256 becomes extinct, due wholly to excessive close observation by the Foundation.


SCP-055 acquired.

Separately: the containment unit which eventually became SCP-3125's is built around now, by Bart Hughes, who by this time is the Antimemetics Division's containment architect. Some time after this, Hughes is murdered under mysterious circumstances.

At this time the world has approximately 400 antimemetics research groups, of which the Foundation's Antimemetics Division is only one.


Events of Ojai. The Foundation's Anomalous Religious Expressions Division discovers "Red", a flourishing aspect of SCP-3125. Lacking suitable antimemetics training, they are unable to stop Red from attacking them, killing many of them and erasing himself from their memories and records, before continuing to operate. The Antimemetics Division never learns of these events.

At this time the Antimemetics Division has a staff of more than 4,000 people.


Events of We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five.

공오오 이야기를 좀 해 보아요의 사건 발생.

Events of Introductory Antimemetics.

//항밈학 개론의 사건 발생.

August: Events of Unforgettable, That's What You Are. Marion Wheeler debriefs the dying Lyn Marness about the circumstances of the demise of the Unthinkables in 1976. SCP-3125 attacks the two. Marness is killed; Wheeler erases her memory to escape.

망각 불가, 그게 바로 당신의 사건 발생.

Late October: Events of Where Have You Been All My Life. Fearful of what could happen to her husband, Wheeler puts him in "witness protection" and erases her own memory of him.

내 일생 동안 어디에 있었던가의 사건 발생

Monday 30 November: Events of Immemorial, CASE COLOURLESS GREEN and Your Last First Day. By this time the Foundation Antimemetics Division is the sole remaining antimemetics research group in the world, and has a staff of 40. Two final outbreaks of SCP-3125 culminate in Marion Wheeler detonating the Site 41 antimemetic warhead, once again erasing the Antimemetics Division from existence and leaving the world entirely unprotected from antimemetic threats.

Immemorial, 사건명 무색의 녹색 and 당신의 마지막 첫날의 사건 발생. 이 시점에서 재단의 항밈학과는 지구에서 유일한 항밈 연구 단체로서, 40명의 직원을 두고 있다. SCP-3125의 두 번의 발생은 마리언 휠러가 41기지의 항밈 탄두를 기폭시켜 항밈학과의 존재를 다시 한 번 지워 세계를 항밈 위협으로부터 완전히 무방비 상태로 만드는 것으로 끝이 났다.


Events of CASE HATE RED. SCP-3125 incarnates.


Events of Ará Orún and Unthreaded. Adam Wheeler recovers from SCP-3125's influence and sets out to locate Bart Hughes.