일련번호: SCP-5987

등급: 유클리드(Euclid)

특수 격리 절차: A 3 km radius around SCP-5987's manifestation area has been blocked off from all sea and air traffic. Foundation vehicles should not go within 2 km of SCP-5987.

설명: SCP-5987 is a Type-4H Apparition1 centralized to a small area in Arcachon Bay, off the southwest coast of France. Between the time of nautical twilight on the evening of one day, and nautical twilight on the following day, a 19th century brig will appear, sailing around the bay before vanishing. SCP-5987 has been observed to always stay within a kilometer of its manifestation point.

All vehicles that approach SCP-5987, hereby referred to as SCP-5987-1 instances, will be unable to be controlled by their operators. Wheels, pedals, and other methods of directional movement will still function, but will not produce their desired results. SCP-5987-1 instances will then immediately dive underwater, typically killing all passengers onboard.

An annual analysis of predecessor files in 2017 revealed that the ASCI had documented an anomaly similar to SCP-5987, centred around a vessel two hundred years earlier that was believed to be neutralized when Item 6789-AH, the captain François Aregnaudeau, was killed at sea as part of a suspected mutiny.

Due to an increasing risk of sightings by civilians, current containment efforts are being redirected towards Neutralization of SCP-5987. A mission was approved to search the manifestation area for any signs of spectral significance.

영상 기록

일자: 2019/07/01

선박: SCPS 잠수정 네프티스

[기록 시작]

23:00: SCPS Nephthys approaches the radius of SCP-5987's area of effect.

23:05: SCP-5987 turns towards the submarine. Command loses communication with Nephthys as it submerges.

23:05-23:16: Command attempts to re-establish contact with the submersible.

23:16: Communication is re-established. Captain Doumer reports that the submersible experienced heavy but non-essential damage from colliding with the ocean floor. However, anomalous influence on Nephthys has ceased. Doumer requests an update on his current objective.

23:16-23:34: Deliberations are held between the members of the research team. Some wish to take the opportunity to investigate SCP-5987 more closely, while others insist on relying on the original mission parameters.

23:34: Deliberation ceases when SCP-5987 is observed retreating to a further distance. A white flag is raised from its mainmast.

23:37: Taking it as a sign of approval, Nephthys is cleared to proceed on its original parameters.

23:45 Nephthys reaches the approximate manifestation point. Numerous wooden and steel shipwrecks can be seen dotting the sea floor. Nephthys switches to search mode.

[관계없는 기록 편집됨]

2:18: Nephthys pauses by a small wooden shipwreck, readying the diving team. At sea level, SCP-5987 lowers its flag to half-mast before raising it to full again.2

2:19: This information is relayed to Doumer, and the divers are deployed to clear access to the wreckage.

2:25: Several skeletons are found, all with various levels of saltwater corrosion.3

2:30: Agent Lacroix finds a large ornate figurehead carved to resemble a siren or mermaid, buried underneath a large section of the hull. Notably, the figurehead lacks any damage.

2:35: A loud bell chime is heard as the divers depart, and SCP-5987 vanishes prematurely. The mission is declared over and Nephthys returns to the surface.

[기록 종료]

At nautical twilight the next day, SCP-5987 did not appear and was considered Neutralized. The figurehead has been designated as SCP-5987-1 pending further examination.