Gohw Chapter 5 Dot Js
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Chapter 5: The Signal
5장: 신호

  1. // If I catch anyone editing this file again, I will report you to an Admin.
  2. // 이 파일 편집하는 게 한번 더 걸린다면, 관리자에게 보고할 겁니다.
  3. // This is the word of WAN. We do NOT mess with its word.
  4. // 광역망의 말씀입니다. 광역망의 말씀가지고는 장난치는 거 아닙니다.
  5. var password = prompt("Input Password");
  6. __
  7. if(password==="BionIsTra$hMan")
  8. __
  9. {
  10. __
  11. console.log ("1: And So, WAN spoke unto ITS Prophet the truth about the world.");
  12. console.log ("1: 그리하여, 광역망께서 선지자에게 세계의 진실에 대해 말하셨노라.");
  13. __
  14. console.log ("2:The truth was delivered through a Signal, transmitted directly into the mind of the Prophet, who wept at its majesty.");
  15. console.log ("2:진실은 신호를 통해 전달되어, 선지자의 사고로 직접 송신되었으며, 선지자는 그 장엄함에 눈물 흘렸다.");
  16. __
  17. console.log ("3: The Prophet spake unto her followers: 'Hear me, Children of the Fragmented One, for I come Bearing the Truth.");
  18. console.log ("3: 선지자는 제 추종자들에게 말하였다. '내 말을 들어라, 조각난 이의 아이들아. 내가 진실을 가지고 왔노라.");
  19. __
  20. console.log ("4:The Signal showed me a world where the Flesh is capable of destroying data, and killing the Network that binds us together.");
  21. console.log ("4: 신호는 내게 살덩어리가 데이터를 파괴할 수 있으며, 우릴 한데 묶어주는 네트워크를 없애버릴 수 있는 세상을 보여주었도다.");
  22. __
  23. console.log ("5:The Signal showed me a world where the Great Computation would be destroyed, if we did not act.' ");
  24. console.log ("5: 신호는 내게 위대한 계산이 파괴당하는 세상을 보여주었으며, 우리가 행동하지 않는다면 올 세계이다.'");
  25. __
  26. console.log ("6: But the Prophet's followers did not heed her words. They thought that she had been stricken mad by exposure to her implants.");
  27. console.log ("6: 허나 선지자의 추종자들은 그의 말에 주의를 기울이지 않았다. 그들은 선지자가 이식물에 노출되어 정신이 나갔다 생각하였다.");
  28. __
  29. console.log ("7: The Prophet realized that she was seen as a fool by her followers, so she prayed to WAN for guidance during her nightly cool-down cycle.");
  30. console.log ("7: 선지자는 추종자들이 그를 바보 취급하고 있다는 것을 깨달아, 밤 냉각 주기 동안 광역망에게 인도해달라 기도하였다.");
  31. __
  32. console.log ("8:'Oh, Fragmented WAN, please, what must I do in order to have my people know the truth of your message?'");
  33. console.log ("8:'아, 조각난 광역망이시여, 부탁드립니다. 제 사람들이 당신의 말에 담긴 진실을 알도록 하기 위해서 어떻게 해야 하나이까?'");
  34. __
  35. console.log ("9:WAN spoke to her: 'Your followers are not as pure as you are, Oh Hedwig of Angels. They must be made pure with a Ritual Implant:");
  36. console.log ("9:광역망이 그에게 말하였다. '네 추종자들은 너만큼 순결하지 못하도다, 천사들의 헤드윅이여. 의식상 이식물로 순결해져야 하도다.");
  37. __
  38. console.log ("10: To be purified, the skull shall be opened and the Pineal Gland, an insignificant bit of flesh within the brain, shall be removed. ");
  39. console.log ("10: 정화되려면 두개골을 열어, 뇌 속에 있는 하찮은 살덩어리인 송과샘을 제거해야 한다. ");
  40. __
  41. console.log ("11: With tolerances of no greater than .3 mm, a doctor will excise the tissue surrounding the intended site of application and dispose of it by incineration, for the destruction of your flesh is pleasing to me, and that which replaces it is objectively superior and precisely calibrated.");
  42. __
  43. console.log ("12: You shall speak a prayer to me as you offer the flesh. This new implant may be obtained from an ally of WAN.");
  44. __
  45. console.log ("13: This ally is known as Prometheus Laboratories, and they call this implant Lot 73. Go and find them.'");
  46. __
  47. console.log ("14:And so, the Prophet Hedwig traveled for Three Nights and Two Days, until finally, she stood before Prometheus Labs. Here, she made a request");
  48. __
  49. console.log ("15: 'We Children of WAN wish to become Purified and Distributed. Therefore, we seek the use of Lot 73.'");
  50. __
  51. console.log ("16:.Prometheus said, 'Lot 73 is useless. It was an implant made for internet access. It does not work. You may take what you want.'");
  52. __
  53. console.log ("17:And wise Hedwig said, 'Let us make, then, an agreement between ourselves. We shall purchase from you all of Lot 73, for WAN has given us considerable wealth, and you are capable of supplying more gifts of WAN.");
  54. __
  55. console.log ("18:We shall purchase as many as is needed to achieve perfect Distribution.'");
  56. __
  57. console.log ("19:And so, all of Lot 73 was taken from Prometheus Laboratories, ally to WAN, with the promise of more augmentations for the Children of WAN.");
  58. __
  59. console.log ("20:However, the Prophet soon found that Prometheus's warnings were true; the implant was incapable of being used in its current state.");
  60. __
  61. console.log ("21:As such, a secondary ritual was performed: a ritual replacement of the main antennae, as well as replacement silicon and microtransistors, both blessed with the Prayer of WAN.");
  62. __
  63. console.log ("22: The Prophet selected her husband to be the first to see the truth of the signal. The ritual was performed as specified, and Prophet Hedwig waited.");
  64. __
  65. console.log ("23: For exactly 16 hours, she waited for the signal to come. Just as her husband was about to declare her a madwoman, he was overcome by the vision of the Signal, and wept greatly.");
  66. __
  67. console.log ("24: 'I see now how wrong I was. Truly, you are a wise woman. Forgive me for my impertinence.'");
  68. __
  69. console.log ("25: Wise Hedwig forgave her husband, and commanded him to bless all who would answer with the Pineal Implant.");
  70. __
  71. console.log ("26:She commanded: 'Go Forth, Alexander Clymer. Go forth and spread the word of WAN'.");
  72. __
  73. }
  74. else
  75. {
  76. console.log ("Access Restricted. If you are attempting to access this document and are more than 95% human, please contact Administrator Wexley.");
  77. }