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Threat Entity Database Entry

위협존재 데이터베이스 항목

Note: This document is classified SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL under Secret UN Security Resolution 187. Unauthorized viewing is a felony under international law.
참고: 본 문서는 비밀 UN 보안 결의안 187호에 따라서 생귄 카프리콘 기멜(SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL)로 분류되었습니다. 허가 받지 않은 조회는 국제법상 중죄입니다.

Threat ID:
위협 식별문구:
KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes "The King's Spears"
KTE-2013-카팔라-멘데스 "왕의 창The King's Spears"

Authorized Response Level:
4 (Severe Threat)
4 (심각한 위협)


Component KTE-2013-Alfa-Kapala-Mendes-Freud


Artifact is a set of seven short spears which appear to have been crudely fashioned out of raw iron. When in close proximity, the artifact generates an extradimensional portal of a size and stability proportionate to the number of component spears present. Six spears generate a portal large enough to allow passage of entities larger than humans, and which may last for hours; four or five spears are sufficient to create a humanoid-sized aperture for approximately an hour. Three spears creates a portal sufficient to allow a child-sized entity through, and will last only minutes. Two spears can create micro-portals which last only seconds; they are, however, sufficient to cause harmful chemical and temperature changes in their vicinity, and may pass insect- or microbial-scale entities.
본 인공물은 생철로 조악하게 만들어진 것으로 보이는 7개의 단창이다. 서로 가까운 거리에 있다면 인공물은 존재하는 구성 창의 개수에 비례하는 크기와 안정성을 가지는 외부차원 통로을 생성한다. 6개의 창은 인간보다 거대한 존재가 통과할 수 있는 크기의 통로을 생성하며, 몇 시간 동안이나 지속된다. 4개나 5개의 창은 인간 크기의 구멍을 약 1시간 동안 만들어낸다. 3개의 창은 어린아이 크기의 존재가 통과할 수 있는 크기의 통로를 만들어내며, 몇 분 간 지속된다. 2개의 창은 몇 초간 지속되는 극소 통로를 만들어낸다. 하지만 이 경우에도 인간에게 유해한 화학적 변화와 온도 변화를 유발할 수 있으며, 곤충 혹은 미생물 크기의 존재가 통과할 수 있다.

Threat entities collectively known as KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes ("The King's Demons") may emerge from these portals. Said entities are highly variable in appearance and capabilities, but all appear unilaterally hostile.
KTE-2032-돼지풀-멘데스 ("왕의 악마")로 총칭되는 위협존재가 이 통로에서 출현할 수 있다. 이 위협존재의 외모와 능력은 다양하지만, 항상 적대적인 것으로 보인다.

It is believed that if all of the component artifacts were reunited with appropriate rituals, either a portal powerful enough to allow PTE-616-Mendes-Ex-Machina ("The Scarlet King") entrance to our reality, or the generation of a threat entity similar to KTE-216-Black-Mendeschild ("The Seventh Bride") would result. This outcome would likely be disastrous, potentially requiring the implementation of Procedure Pizzicato.
모든 구성 인공물이 모이고 적절한 의식이 치뤄진다면 PTE-616-멘데스-엑스-마키나 ("주홍왕")이 우리 현실로 진입할 수 있을 정도로 강력한 통로를 생성하거나, KTE-216-블랙-멘데스차일드 ("일곱번째 신부")와 유사한 위협존재를 생성하게 될 것이라고 여겨진다. 이런 결과는 재앙적이며,잠재적으로 피치카토 절차의 이행이 필요할 것이다.

Each of the component spears share the following capabilities:
각 구성 창은 다음의 능력을 공유한다.

  • The generation of small quantities of human and porcine blood on their surfaces and in their immediate environment
  • The infliction of nightmares, anxiety disorders, and in cases of long-term exposure, phobias and hallucinations, in individuals within close proximity
  • The infliction of a fast-acting hemorrhagic disease that typically proves fatal within a few days when used to pierce the skin of a living individual.
  • The infliction of a possession state upon physical contact. Each component seems to house or channel the consciousness of a powerful KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entity, which takes irrevocable control of the wielder's faculties. All possessing entities appear to share the goal of acquiring the other component spears.
  • 대상의 표면과 인접한 환경에 소량의 인간과 돼지의 피를 생성함
  • 인근의 인간에게 악몽, 불안 장애를 유발함. 장기간 노출 시엔 공포증과 환각, 환청을 유발함.
  • 살아있는 인원의 피부를 관통했을 때 며칠 내에 사망하도록 하는 속효성 출혈성 질환을 유발함.
  • 신체 접촉 시 빙의 상태를 유발함. 각 구성요소는 강력한 KTE-2032-돼지풀-멘데스 위협존재의 의식을 수용하고 있거나 전달하는 것으로 보이며, 휘두르는 자의 능력에 대한 제어를 복구 불가능하게 탈취한다. 모든 빙의 존재는 다른 구성 창을 획득하려는 공동된 목표를 보인다.

Each component spear also possesses properties unique to it. Said properties are described below.
또한 각 구성 창은 각각 독특한 특성을 가진다. 특성은 이하에 서술되어있다.

  • KTE-2013-Alfa-Kapala-Mendes-Freud (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Alfa) when used to pierce the skin of an individual, will create a trance-like state in the victim. The wielder of the spear may then verbally command the victim. The wounds caused by the spear still inflict a debilitating and typically fatal hemorrhagic illness. The possessing entity has identified itself as 'Rama-Vaduk' ('the Glorious') and exhibits narcissistic and histrionic behaviors verging on delusion.
  • KTE-2013-알파-카팔라-멘데스-프로이트 (이하 KTE-2013-알파로 칭함) 인원의 피부를 관통했을 때, 피해자를 트랜스 상태와 유사한 상태로 만든다. 창을 휘두르는 자는 이후 피해자에게 말로서 명령할 수 있다. 창으로 인해 유발된 상처는 여전이 쇠약과 치명적인 출혈성 질병을 유발한다. 빙의 존재는 자신을 '라마바둑Rama-Vaduk' (영광스러운 자)라고 여기며 망상에 가까운 자기애와 연극조의 행동을 보인다.
  • KTE-2013-Bravo-Kapala-Mendes-Lovelock (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Bravo) possesses the ability to transform any water it comes into contact to into blood (at a rate of approximately 10 gallons per second). Various vermin species, including insects and rodents, are attracted to the artifact, often in improbably great numbers. Upon congregating around the artifact, said animals will begin to drag or carry the spear in the direction of the other component spears. The possessing entity has identified itself as 'Amana-Kifenn' ('the Noisome'), and appears to suffer from a psychosis resembling hebephrenic schizophrenia. The insects that the component attracts tend to swarm this entity violently.
  • KTE-2013-브라보-카팔라-멘데스-러브록 (이하 KTE-2013-브라보로 칭함) 접촉하는 모든 물을 혈액으로 변환할 수 있는 능력을 가지고 있다 (초당 약 10갤런). 곤충과 설치류을 포함해 다양한 종의 해수(害獸)가 이 artifact에 이끌리며, 다수의 경우 막대한 수가 나타난다. artifact 인근에 모여든 뒤, 상술한 동물 무리는 창을 다른 구성요소 창을 향해 끌거나 들어 옮긴다. 빙의 존재는 자신을 '아마나카이펜Amana-Kifenn' ('역겨운 자')로 여기며 파과형 조현병과 유사한 정신병을 앓고 있는 것으로 보인다. 구성요소에 이끌린 곤충들은 거칠게 이 존재 형태의 무리를 이루는 경향을 보인다.
  • KTE-2013-Charlie-Kapala-Mendes-Plague (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Charlie) when held, may inflict the hemorrhagic disease typical of wounds inflicted by it on individuals within close proximity. In addition, the holder tends to vocalize uncontrollably: while most vocalizations are nonsense or mish-mashes of dead languages, approximately 2% are dangerous auditory cognitohazards. In addition, both the inflicted hemorrhagic disease and the cognitohazard are contagious (the former micro-biologically, the latter memetically), though with a low transmission rate. Due to these properties, the name and nature of the possessing entity is presently unknown.
  • KTE-2013-찰리-카팔라-멘데스-페스트 (이하 KTE-2013-찰리로 칭함) 잡고 있으면, 가까운 거리의 인간에게 출혈성 질환 형태의 상처를 가할 수 있다. 또한, 잡고 있는 자는 비자의적으로 목소리를 낸다. 내부분의 발성은 무의미하거나 사어(死語)를 엉망으로 섞은 형태이며, 약 2%는 위험한 청각적 인식재해이다. 또한, 가해진 출혈성 질환과 인식재해 모두 전염성을 띄지만(전자는 미물학적으로, 후자는 밈적으로), 전염율은 낮다. 이러한 성질로 인해, 빙의 존재의 이름과 특성은 현재 불명이다.
  • KTE-2013-Delta-Kapala-Mendes-Caliburn (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Delta) inflicts an accelerated form of the hemorrhagic illness when used to puncture an individuals skin, killing the victim in minutes, rather than days. The possessing entity is violently psychotic and largely incoherent, but has identified itself as 'Karal-ba' (further titles unknown).
  • * KTE-2013-델타-카팔라-멘데스-캘리번 (이하 KTE-2013-델타로 칭함) 인간의 피부를 찌르기 위해 이용할 시 가속된 형태이 출혈성 질병을 유발해, 피해자를 몇 분 내로 사망하게 만든다. 빙의 존재는 폭력적으로 정신병적이며 대게 횡설수설하지만, 자신을 '카랄바Karal-ba' (다른 명칭은 불명임)로 여긴다.
  • KTE-2013-Echo-Kapala-Mendes-Green (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Echo) grants the wielder the abilities of a low-level Type Green entity- most notably pyrokinesis, levitation and the infliction of hallucinations. In addition, the spear seems to power the abilities by draining energy from the wielder, causing crippling muscle atrophy and eventually fatal multiple organ system failure. No wielder has survived longer than one week. The possessing entity has identified itself as 'Toth-ner' ('the Broken'), and seems to possess the unstable, malignant megalomania one typically finds in late-stage Type Green entities.
  • KTE-2013-에코-카팔라-멘데스-그린 (이하 KTE-2013-에코로 칭함) 휘두르는 자에게 저수준 타입 그린 존재의 능력을 부여한다. 특히 염화능력, 부양능력, 환각능력을 부여한다. 또한 창은 능력을 작동시키기 위해 휘드르는 자의 기운을 흡수하는 것으로 보이며, 이는 근육위축 손상을 유발하며 결국 다수의 장기 체계에 기능 상실을 유발한다. 빙의 존재는 자신을 '토스널Toth-ner' ('부서진 자')로 여기며, 후기 타입 그린 존재에게 전형적인 불안정한, 악의적 과대망상증을 보인다.
  • KTE-2013-Foxtrot-Kapala-Mendes-Spiral (hereafter referred to as KTE-2013-Foxtrot) allows the wielder to open a form of extradimensional aperture allowing instantaneous travel. Said portals appear as a wall of fire and roiling shadowy substance, and any individual using said portal other than the wielder is instantly killed by it. The name and nature of the possessing entity are unknown, as the wielder will not speak after picking up the object. They will, however, attempt immediately to gather the other component spears using the created portals.
  • KTE-2013-폭스트롯-카팔라-멘데스-스파이럴 (이하 KTE-2013-폭스트롯으로 칭함) 휘두르는 자가 즉각적 이동이 가능한 외분차원적 이동구를 개방할 수 있게 한다. 이 통로는 화염의 벽과 소용돌이치는 어두운 물질처럼 보이며, 휘두르는 자를 제외한 모든 인간은 사용 즉시 살해당한다. 휘두르는 자는 개체를 집은 이후로 말을 하지 않기 때문에 빙의 존재의 이름과 성질은 불명이다. 하지만 즉시 통로를 만들어 다른 구성요소 창을 모으려고 할 것이다.
  • The properties of KTE-2013-Golf-Kapala-Mendes are currently unknown.
  • KTE-2013-골프-카팔라-멘데스의 특성은 현재 불명이다.

Rules of Engagement:

Components of KTE-2013 have proven resistant to both mundane and thaumaturgic attempts to liquidate them. Any users or cultists in possession of unrecovered component spears are to be immediately liquidated.
KTE-2013의 구성요소들은 일반적인 청산 시도와 기적학적 청산 시도 결과 양측 모두에 저항력을 가지고 있다는 사실이 입증되었다. 회수되지 않은 구성 창을 소유하고 있는 이용자나 사교도는 즉시 청산하도록 한다.

Direct physical contact with components of KTE-2013 is to be strenuously avoided. Agents who make physical contact with the artifact components are to be assumed compromised, and immediately liquidated.
KTE-2013의 구성요소와의 직접적인 신체접촉은 엄격히 회피하도록 한다. 인공물의 구성요소와 신체접촉을 한 요원은 잃었다고 가정하고 청산하도록한다.

An arrangement has been reached under SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL with the Foundation for the long-term containment of KTE-2013 components until such a time as they can be liquidated. The Foundation is storing the artifact components as 'Blackbox' items, and has agreed to turn them over to Coalition agents if an effective method for liquidation is discovered.
생귄 카프리콘 기멜 하에 KTE-2013 구성요소의 청산이 가능한 시점까지 장기간 격리를 위한 재단과의 합의에 도달했다. 재단은 해당 인공물의 구성요소를 '블랙박스' 항목으로 보관 중이며 효과적인 청산 방법이 발견될 시 연합 요원에게 넘기기로 합의했다.


Six of seven KTE-2013 components were recovered by the Foundation from a raid upon a group of GROUP MENDES cultists ("Children of the Scarlet King") which also recovered KTE-2016-Black-Mendeschild ("The Seventh Bride"). The seventh component, KTE-2013-Golf, is believed to still be in the possession of GROUP MENDES.
KTE-2013 구성요소 일곱 중 여섯은 그룹 멘데스(GROUP MENDES) 사교도 단체 ("주홍황의 아이들")을 재단이 급습했을 당시에 회수되었으며, KTE-2016-블랙-맨데스차일드 ("일곱번째 신부") 또한 같이 회수되었다. 일곱번째 구성요소인 KTE-2013-골프는 여전히 그룹 멘데스가 소유하고 있는 것으로 여겨진다.

PHYSICS Division Assessment Team 721 "Lazy Wolf" background report regarding GROUP MENDES
피직스 분과 접근조 721 "게으른 늑대Lazy Wolf" 그룹 멘데스 관련 배경 보고서

Compiled by: Team Leader "Bugs" 18212066/721
엮은이: 조장 "벌레Bugs" 18212066/721

This report is a summary of all information gleaned during a sixteen month investigation into the anomalous religious organization known as the Children of the Scarlet King, code-named GROUP MENDES. During the first four and a half months, our team identified and located six extant cells of GROUP MENDES, three in North America, two in Eastern Europe, and one in Northern Africa. We also traced the funding of these cells during this time: GROUP MENDES assets are primarily collected from low-level members, but the organization has several wealthy backers- see the attached statements.
이 보고서는 16개월간의 조사에서 주홍왕의 아이들로 알려진 암호명 그룹 멘데스 변칙종교 단체에 대해서 얻어진 정보들을 요약한 것입니다. 첫 4개월 반 동안 저희 조는 그룹 멘데스의 현존하는 여섯 개의 세포을 식별하고 찾아냈습니다. 셋은 북아메리카, 둘은 동유럽, 하나는 남아프리카에 위치했었습니다. 이 기간 동안 동시에 이 세포들의 자금원을 추적했습니다. 그룹 멘데스 자산은 주로 하위 구성원에 의해서 수집되지만, 단체에 몇몇 부유한 후원자가 있습니다. - 첨부된 진술서를 참고

We then began an eleven and a half month operation to monitor all six cells as thoroughly as possible; two of our member with undercover experience (Operatives "Henpeck" and "Wookie") were implanted in what is presently believed to be the original cell, as well as the largest, in the state of Alabama, USA. Operative "Hobo" remained as their handler. The unit was split in three teams of two: electronic surveillance was set up in California (operatives "Wooly" and "Uggo"), and Britain (operatives "Poppa" and "Ralph") and the other three locations, in Louisiana, France, and Egypt, were monitored by the unit's Type Blue assets ("Sparkles" and "Prankster") via scrying.
그 후 여섯 세포 모두를 가능한한 철저하기 감시하기 위한 11개월 반의 작전을 시작했습니다. 위장 경험이 있는 저희 조원 둘이 (작전원 "핸팩Henpeck"과 "우끼Wookie") 현재 본래 세포로 여겨지는 가장 큰 세포인 미국 앨라배마 주 세포에 침투했습니다. 작전원 "뜨내기Hobo"는 둘의 지원자로 남았습니다. 부대는 각 2명 씩 3조로 나누어졌습니다. 전자적 감시가 캘리포니아(작전원 "털보Wooly"와 "추남Uggo")와 영국(작전원 "파파Poppa"와 "랄프Ralph")에 설립됐고 다른 세 장소, 루이지애나, 프랑스, 이집트는 부대의 타입 블루 자산 ("반짝이Sparkles"와 "장난꾸러기Prankster")의 수정 점술을 통해 감시되었습니다.

Our findings were immediately concerning. In addition to wealthy benefactors, GROUP MENDES had obvious links to certain extremist paranormal groups (though it should be noted that the organization is largely shunned). The group also displayed a disturbing set of dogma: while the outer circle presents itself as a standard right-wing Millenialist fire-and-brimstone Christian church, the inner circle has an philosophy of enlightenment through violation, and an eschatology involving Satan (the eponymous Scarlet King; while the entity is not currently believed to be the Judeo-Christian deity, it has been thoroughly conflated with the 'Prince of Darkness') winning the battle of Armageddon, destroying the earth, and rewarding the faithful with rulership over the subsequent hellscape. GROUP MENDES is composed of the kind of psychopathic demon-worshipers that media hysteria in the eighties seemed to invent; and worst, they possess fragments of paranormal knowledge, and potentially one or more parathreat artifacts or entities, if stories of 'miracles' are to be believed.
저희의 발견 결과는 즉시 심각한 우려를 낳았습니다. 부유한 후원자에 더해서, 그룹 멘데스는 특정 극단주의적 초자연 단체들(비록 해당 조직이 대체적으로 기피되고 있다지만) 분명한 연결점을 가지고 있습니다. 또한 단체는 일련의 불온한 교리를 보입니다. 외적 단체에선 자신들을 표준 우익 천년왕국론 극렬 기독교 교회로 나타내지만, 내부적으론 유린을 통한 계몽이라는 철학을 가지고 있으며, 사탄(주홍왕과 동일시됨. 이 존재는 현재 유대-기독교적 신으로 여겨지지 않지만, '어둠의 왕자'와 철저하게 결합되었음)이 아마겟돈의 전투에서 승리하고, 지구를 파괴한 뒤, 그 후 펼쳐질 지옥에 대한 지배권을 독실자들에게 하사할 것이라는 내용이 포함된 종말 신학을 가지고 있습니다. 그룹 멘데스는 80년대 대중매체의 과민반응 때문에 생긴 것으로 보이는 사이코패스적 악마숭배자들로 구성되어있으며, 더 나쁜 점은 '기적'에 관한 이야기들을 믿는다면 초자연적 지식의 단편과 잠재적으로 한 개 이상의 초상위협 인공물이나 독립체를 소유하고 있는 것으로 보입니다.

A rough estimate puts the number of GROUP MENDES cultists at around eight thousand, a quarter of whom belong to the main branch in Alabama. They surround themselves with dupes, however: the fundamentalist Christian outer circle is composed of around sixty thousand, more than a third of whom attend churches and church functions associated with the main branch. Further, the outer circle of the church tends to be 'Second Amendment Activists' in America, and have a dogmatic, paranoid belief in the need to defend themselves from secular governmental authorities. Inner circle members have stockpiled weapons, money, influence, and potentially parathreat artifacts over the course of several years. Covert liquidation of GROUP MENDES would be almost impossible.
대략적으로 추정하건 데 그룹 멘데스 사교도는 약 8000명이고, 그 중 4분의 1은 앨라배마 주 주요 지부에 속해있습니다. 하지만 사교도들은 자신들을 속아넘어간 사람들로 감싸 숨겼습니다. 근본주의 기독교 외적 단체에는 약 6만명이 있는데 이 중 3분의 1 이상이 주요 지부와 연계된 교회나 교회 활동에 참석합니다. 또한 이 교회의 외적 단체는 미국의 '수정 헌법 제2조 운동가'인 경향을 보이며, 세속적인 정부 당국으로부터 스스로를 방어해야 한다는 교죠주의적, 편집증적인 믿음을 가지고 있습니다. 내적 단체 구성원은 몇 년에 걸쳐서 무기, 자금, 영향력과 잠재적 초상위험 인공물들을 쌓아왔습니다.

Also: there has been recent activity in the main branch, apparently related to some prophecy or scripture than Operatives Henpeck and Wookie were not made aware of. A number of high-ranking cult members, along with several cultists suspected of being low-level Type Blue threat entities, have left for an undisclosed location.
참고: 최근 주요 지부에서 활동이 있었습니다. 명백히 작전원 헨펙과 우끼가 인지하지 못한 어떠한 예언이나, 경전과 연관이 있는 것으로 보입니다. 다수의 사교 고위층이 타입 블루 독립체로 여겨지는 사교도 상당수와 공개되지 않은 장소로 이동했습니다.

Operative Wookie reports seeing several items- apparently rusted metal staves, potentially ritual implements- being loaded into a van. The significance of this is presently unknown. Shortly afterward, Operative Prankster reported that his surveillance had been compromised through thaumaturgic means, and all assets were withdrawn.
작전원 우끼는 다수의 물품 (보기엔 녹슨 금속 막대기로 의식 도구일 것으로 여겨짐)이 승합차에 실리는 모습을 보았다고 보고했습니다. 이에 대한 의의는 현재로선 알 수 없습니다. 얼마지나지 않아, 작전원 장난꾸러기가 감시가 기적학적 방법으로 무력화되었고, 모든 자산이 철수했다고 보고했습니다.

A Foundation agent made physical contact with one of the component spears, and subsequently acquired the other components and fled. Said agent was liquidated by Coalition forces in Johannesburg, South Africa (see File LTE-1206-Green-Mendeschild) along with a number of KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entities. Component artifacts subsequently recovered. One of the Strike Team agents made contact with KTE-2013-Delta, however, and subsequently assaulted and killed two team-mates before being liquidated.
한 명의 재단 요원이 구성요소 창과 신체 접촉을 했고, 직후 다른 창을 입수한 뒤 도망쳤다. 이 요원은 연합의 부대가 다수의 KTE-2032-생태교란-멘데스 위협존재와 함께 남아프리카 요하네스버그(파일 LTE-1206-그린-멘데스차일드를 볼 것)에서 청산했다. 구성 인공물은 직후 회수되었다. 하지만 타격조 요원 중 한 명이 KTE-2013-델타와 접촉했고, 직후 동료 조원 둘을 폭행해 살해하고 청산되었다.

PHYSICS Division Post-Liquidation (LTE-1206-Green-Mendeschild) Debriefing
피직스 분과 청산 사후 (LTE-1206-그린-멘데스차일드) 디브리핑

Debriefing Agent: Colonel Marcus Gorman, PHYSICS Division Command
Operative Debriefed: Strike Team 0912 "Burning Bush" Team Leader, "Fester"
디브리핑 요원: 마커스 고먼 대령, 피직스 분과 사령부
피디브리핑 작전원: 타격조 0912 "불타는 덤불" 조장, "페스터Fester"

Gorman: First of all, how are you, son? You doing all right?
고먼: 우선, 어떤가, son? 괜찮나?

Fester: Skip it. Lets get this over with.
페스터: 넘어가죠. 먼저 이걸 마무리하죠.

Gorman: …Alright. You got an alert from PHYSICS monitoring at, let's see… oh-eight-hundred hours.
고먼: …알겠네. 자네는 피직스 감시조에게서 경보를, 보자… 공팔공공 시에 받았네.

Fester: Yeah. Blood-covered guy, spotted flying in a Johannesburg slum. We rolled out. Got to J-town around eleven hundred hours. Light load-out. Grey suit, stealth and first-strike capability. We didn't know about the spears, at this point. We thought it was some wonky Type Green.
페스터: 넵. 피로 뒤덮힌 남자가 요하네스버그의 슬럼가를 날아다니는 것이 발견됐죠. 저희는 출동했고요. 그 도시에는 일일공공 시에 도착했습니다. 가벼운 장비. 그레이 수트, 스텔스와 선제 공격 능력을 위해서요. 저희는 창에 대해서는 몰랐습니다. 이 시점에서는요. 그냥 불안정한 타입 그린이라고 생각했죠.

Gorman: Alright. You arrived in Johannesburg…
고먼: 알겠네. 요하네스버그에 도착하고…

Fester: We went through the slum where the PTE had been seen. Standard recon- VERITAS imaging with a stealthed drone. We found something. EVE was dark, fluctuating fast, high-magnitude output- several kiloCaspers, at least. It was in this condemned tenement building- nasty place, wiring all torn out of the walls, rats everywhere. Hot, too. Hot day in J-town, even hotter in that dark, muggy maze of a building. We found it in one of the apartments; all the walls had been knocked out, so it was this wide open space, and the floors were covered in debris. Plaster lumps, wood fragments. The threat entity was floating about four feet off the ground.
페스터:저희는 PTE가 목격된 슬럼가를 살폈습니다. 스텔스 드론과 표준 정찰 VERITAS 영상기로요. 무언가를 찾았습니다. EVE는 검었고 빠르게 요동치며, 대규모 출력이- 수 킬로캐스퍼는 됐습니다, 최소요. 그게 이 망해가는 공동주택에- 벽에서 배선이 전부 뜯어지고, 쥐들이 득실거리는 너저분한 곳에 있었습니다. 덥습니다, 너무나요. 이 도시의 낮은 덥고, 어둡고 후덥지근한 건물의 미로 속에 있다면 더 덥습니다. 저희는 그걸 그 아파트 중 하나에서 발견했습니다. 벽이 전부 박살나있어서 열린 공간이었고, 바닥에는 파편이 가득했습니다. 플라스틱 덩어리, 나무 조각들이요. 위협존재는 땅에서 4피트 정도 떠있었습니다.

Gorman: Can you describe it, please?
고먼: 자세히 설명해주겠나?

Fester: A man. In dark clothing. What had been dark clothing, that is. It was torn, rotted, bloody. It had a half-dozen spikes driven through it- the artifacts we recovered. They were driven through its torso, in a pattern- like they were fanning out of it. The hafts of the spears, I mean. It was grinning, laughing. Its voice was thick, though, choked. Blood was coming out of its mouth.
페스터: 한 남자였습니다. 검은 옷을 입은. 검은 옷이었던 것이겠네요. 찢어지고, 썩고, 피투성이었습니다. 여섯 개의 창에 꿰뚫려 있었고- 그것들이 저희가 회수한 인공물들였습니다. 몸통을 꿰뚫고 있었고 어떤 패턴이 있는 듯- 마치 부채꼴이었습니다. 창의 손잡이가요. 남자는 웃음을 짓더니, 웃음을 터트렸습니다. 목소리는 굵고 거칠고, 메인 듯 했습니다. 입에선 피가 흘렀고요.

Gorman: What happened next?
고먼: 그 다음에는 어떻게 되었지?

Fester: The entity saw us. The Grey Suits didn't do shit. It looked right at us and laughed.
페스터: 그 존재가 저흴 봤습니다. 그레이 수트는 멀쩡했습니다. 저희를 똑바로 쳐다보더니 웃더군요.

Gorman: Did it say anything?
고먼: 무언가 말했나?

Fester: Yeah. 'Come to kill us?' It kept referring to itself with the plural. 'We are the sons of the king. We are legion.' Then it gestured- there were these, like, glimmers of darkness floating around it- like whisps of smoke. It moved its hand in some kind of ritual gesture, and those whisps came together. Turned into a portal.
페스터: 넵. '우릴 죽이러 왔나?' 계속 자신을 복수형으로 부르더군요. '우린 왕의 아들들이다. 우린 군단이다.' 그리곤 손짓했는데 거기에, 마치 어둠이 희미하게 빛나게 떠다니고 있었고, 연기 줄기 같았습니다. 손을 어떤 의식처럼 움직이더니, 그 연기 줄기가 모이더니, 포탈이 되었습니다.

Gorman: What did the portal look like?
고먼: 포탈은 어떻게 생겼었나?

Fester: Round, nine or ten feet in diameter. Dark, like heavy smoke, but with this red glow coming through it. Like the fire the smoke was coming from. It was moving, like a whirlpool.
페스터: 둥글고, 지름은 9에서 10피트 정도였습니다. 짙은 연기처럼 검었지만, 붉은 빛이 비치고 있었습니다. 연기 속에서 불이 보이듯이요. 소용돌이처럼 움직이고 있었습니다.

Gorman: That's when the KTE-2032 entities emerged?
고먼: 그때 KTE-2032 위협존재가 나타났나?

Fester: Yeah. First one out came like a shot. It was that weird, beaked lizard-wolf-octopus thing. Went for Wilson- I mean, Glassman. Fuck, it was fast. We opened up, but I don't think any of us managed to hit it before it was on Glassman, tearing into his leg. Those tentacles wrapping around his body, sizzling. Wouldn't have made a difference, anyway. We thought we were coming to hit a Type Green. Our weapons weren't loaded with banishment rounds. I figured that out when I put a burst through the thing's torso and it didn't flinch. I ejected my magazine and went for my demon-killers, but the thing already had Glassman on the ground. Tearing at him. Another one came out of the portal, as well. That big floating thing, with the cow skull. It let out this noise like, like white noise, and gestured, and the thing on Glassman came away. Looked where the other thing was pointing- at me. It started coming at me- I managed to get the mag in just in time. I put a burst through the thing, through its skull, just as it pounced. It hit me- bore me to the ground. But it was already dead. Those things don't leave much of a body, you know? As soon as I hit the floor, it started disintegrating on top of me. I could get up in just a second- covered in this stinking goop, but I was mobile. But in those couple of seconds, the third entity jumped out. The little imp-thing. It threw a fireball at Fridge, hit him in the arm. He couldn't put it out. I understand they had to amputate the arm.
페스터: 넵. 첫 번째 놈은 총알처럼 튀어나왔습니다. 괴상한, 부리가 있는 도마뱀-늑대-문어 같은 놈이었죠. 윌슨에게 갔지-아 글래스맨입니다. 망할, 그건 빨랐습니다. 저흰 발포했지만, 글쎄요 저는 저희 중 누구고 그게 글래스맨의 다리를 찢어버리기 전에 한 방 먹여줄 수 없었을 거라고 생각합니다. 그의 몸을 휘감은 촉수들은, 지글거리고 있었죠. 별 차이는 없었을 겁니다. 저희는 타입 그린을 상대한다고 생각했었습니다. 저희 무기에는 구축탄이 장전되어있지 않았습니다. 저는 제가 그것의 몸통에 한 방 박아줬을 때 꼼짝도 안 했다는 걸 알아차렸습니다. 저는 탄창을 버리고 제 악마 살해자를 찾으러 갔지만, 그것은 벌써 글래스맨을 땅에 버려버렸더군요. 그를 찢어버렸습니다. 포탈에서는 다른 놈이 하나 더 나왔습니다. 거대하고 떠다니며, 소 두개골 같은 게 있었습니다. 그것은 무슨 소음을, 마치, 그 백색소음 같은 걸 내더니, 손짓했고, 글래스맨 위에 있던 것이 움직였습니다. 다른 놈이 가르키던 쪽을 향해서였죠, 저요. 그놈은 저에게 다가왔고- 저는 간신히 때맞춰 탄창을 넣었습니다. 저는 그것의 안에, 두개골을 통해서, 덮치는 그 순간 한 방 먹였습니다. 그것이 저를 공격했고 저는 바닥에 엎어졌습니다. 하지만 이미 죽었었죠. 그놈은 신체를 별로 남기지 않았습니다, 알죠? 제가 바닥에 닿자마자, 제 위에서 붕괴되기 시작했습니다. 저는 몇 초 만에 일어났고 더러운 찌꺼기에 뒤덮였지만, 움직일 수 있었습니다. 하지만 몇 초 지나자, 세 번째 존재가 뛰어나왔습니다. 조그만 임프 같은 놈이었습니다. 그것은 냉장고Fridge한테 화염구를 던졌고, 그의 팔에 맞았습니다. 그는 불을 끌 수 없었습니다. 팔을 절단해야 했던 것도 이해합니다.

Gorman: He'll be getting the best prosthetic we can provide.
고먼: 그는 우리가 제공 가능한 최고의 의수를 받을 걸세.

Fester: Damn right. That real good paratech stuff.
페스터: 당연히 그렇겠죠. 그건 쩌는 초상기술 물건일거고요.

Gorman: He'll get it. Continue with your account, please.
고먼: 받을 걸세. 진술을 계속해주게.

Fester: The team all realized they needed their banishment rounds, so they started changing their magazines. I shot the imp thing as soon as the thing with the beak disintegrated- from the floor. It came apart. Its skin was like tar, but its insides were like…oil. This thin, iridescent yellow stuff. It mewled on the ground for a minute before melting away. The third one seemed to realize things were going against it- it turned to go back through the portal. But they guys had all changed their mags- we all fired on it at once. It came apart like a pile of rags.
페스터: 조원들은 모두 추방탄이 필요하단 걸 깨달았고, 모두 탄창을 갈았습니다. 저는 그 부리 달린 놈이 바닥에서 전부 분해되자 마자 그 임프 놈에게 발포했습니다. 그놈은 박살났습니다. 그놈의 피부는 타르 같았는데, 내장은… 기름이었습니다. 얇고, 노란 진주처럼 빛났습니다. 그놈은 1분 정도 바닥에서 흐느끼더니 녹아내렸습니다. 그 세 번째 놈은 뭔가 잘못됐다는 걸 깨달았는지 다시 포탈로 돌아가려고 했습니다. 하지만 모두들 탄창을 갈았고, 동시에 발포했습니다. 놈은 누더기처럼 박살났죠.

Gorman: Where was the humanoid threat, through all of this?
고먼: 인간형 위협존재는 그동안 어디에 있었나?

Fester: Watching. Laughing. This only took a few seconds, you understand. Once the last demon was dead, it stopped laughing. It waved its hand, and the first portal drifted apart; waved his hand again, and threw this wall of fire at us. It wasn't enough to really hurt any of us, but it knocked a couple of us around, and distracted us. It gestured again, and a new portal started to form. We were all firing at it, but someone- I think Pidgeon- got off a real good shot. Hit it right in the temple, blew most of its skull off. It fell- just a sack of meat, suddenly affected by gravity again. It was- incongruous, I think is the word. Went from being this otherworldly thing to just a corpse, hitting the ground with a splat, the spears in it jangling.
페스터: 보고 있었습니다. 웃고도 있었죠. 전부 몇초 밖에 안 걸린 일이었으니까요. 마지막 악마가 죽자, 그제서야 웃음을 그쳤습니다. 그리고 손을 흔들자 첫 번째 포탈이 크게 벌어졌습니다. 다시 그놈이 손을 흔들자, 그 화염의 벽이 저희에게 날아왔습니다. 누가 다칠 정도는 아니었지만, 몇 명은 맞고는 혼란에 빠졌습니다. 다시 손짓하자 새 포탈이 형성되기 시작됐습니다. 저희는 모두 발포했고 누군가, 아마 피전Pidgeon이, 제대로 박아줬습니다. 관자놀이에 명중해 머리 대부분을 날려버렸습니다. 그러자 그냥 고기 무더기인 것처럼 떨어졌습니다. 마치 갑자기 중력을 받기 시작한 것처럼 보였습니다. 좀 어울리지 않긴 하지만 더 정확한 표현은 모르겠습니다. 이 다른 세계에서 온 것 같은 녀석은 갑자기 시체가 되어서 바닥에 철퍼덕 소리를 내며 떨어졌고, 창은 쨍그렁거렸습니다.

Gorman: What happened then?
고먼: 그리고 무슨 일이 일어났나?

Fester: We got up. The team medic, Hype, went to help Fridge. The rest of us walked over to the corpse. It looked… pathetic. Just a lump of meat, with all these spikes sticking out of it. Pidgeon went to pull one out- like, she felt sorry for it, wanted to give it some dignity, I think- and as soon as she touched it, her face twisted. She put her boot on the corpse and just ripped the spear out of him- and before we knew what was happening she turned and stabbed Caboose right through the gut. She started screaming.
페스터: 저희는 일어났습니다. 의무병인 하이프Hype는 냉장고를 도우러 갔죠. 나머지는 모두 시체를 살피러 갔습니다. 시체는… 불쌍해보였죠. 그냥 spike들이 박혀있는 고기덩어리였습니다. 피전이 하나를 뽑아주려고 했습니다. 그녀는 그 시체가 불쌍했는지, 최소한의 존엄은 지켜주려고 한 것 같았습니다. 그리고 창에 피전이 닿자마자, 얼굴이 뒤틀렸습니다. 시체가 발을 올리고는 창을 뽑아내더니 뭐가 일어났는지 알아차리기도 전에 뒤를 돌아 카부스Caboose의 내장에 찔러넣었습니다. 그리고 비명을 지르기 시작했죠.

Gorman: Screaming what?
고먼: 비명을 질렀다?

Fester: It was pretty incoherent…
페스터: 말도 안 되는 내용이었습니다…

Gorman: Just tell me what you heard.
고먼: 무슨 내용을 들었는지 말해주게.

Fester: 'Karal-ba is death, Karal-ba kills you.' I don't know. It wasn't her, anymore. She pulled the spear out of Caboose and he went down- he was bleeding out of his mouth, and the front of his suit seemed to be all red, almost immediately. She went to stab Huey. Me and Huey both shot her, but the spear must have scratched him. He started convulsing, bleeding out of his ears, eyes, nose. He was dead in maybe ten or fifteen seconds. Five casualties in less than a minute, four of them fatal. I lost half my fucking team.
페스터: '카랄바는 죽음이다, 카랄바가 널 죽인다.' 무슨 뜻인지는 모릅니다. 더이상 피전이 아니었습니다. 그녀는 카부스에게서 창을 뽑아냈고 그는 쓰러졌습니다. 입에서 피를 쏟아내고 있었고 슈트 전면이 온통 붉었습니다. 찔린 직후였는데도요. 그리고 휴이Huey를 찌르려고 했습니다. 저와 휴이 둘다 발포했지만 창이 휴이에게 상처를 냈죠, 휴이는 경련하더니 귀, 눈, 코에서 피를 쏟아냈습니다. 10초, 15초만에 죽었습니다. 1분도 되지 않아서 5명의 사상자 발생했고, 4명은 치명상이었습니다. 전 저희 조원 절반을 잃었습니다.

Gorman: What did you do, then?
고먼: 그리고 어떻게 했나?

Fester: I thought about strapping some C4 to the spears and just blowing them up- but if it didn't work, or if the fragments retained their properties, it would have just spread it. So we packed them up- using heavy warded gauntlets, all according to spec. Brought them back to base.
페스터: 저는 창에 C4를 묶어서 날려버릴까 했지만, 안 통하거나, 조각들이 모두 성질을 유지한다면, 그냥 창을 퍼트리는 것에 불과할 것 같았습니다. 저희는 창들을 싸맸습니다. 강하게 해액 처리된 장갑을 이용했죠, 모두 규격에 따른 것이었습니다. 그리고 기지로 가져왔죠.

Gorman: …Alright. Thank you, Operative Fester. I want you to know, all the team members you've lost today are going to be posthumously decorated.
고먼: …알겠네. 고맙네, 페스터 작전원. 한 가지 알려주자면, 오늘 잃은 모든 조원들은 추서될 것이라네.

Fester: Good. You liquidate the spears, yet?
페스터: 감사합니다. 창들은 청산했나요?

Gorman: Not yet. We're having some trouble with them.
고먼: 아직이네. 문제가 발생하고 있네.

Fester: Get it done. Those things are evil- they need to be destroyed.
페스터: 처리해주세요. 그것들은 사악합니다. 파괴되어야 해요.

Three days after recovery, during testing to find a method of liquidation, reality-stabilizing thaumaturgy failed, resulting in an extradimensional portal opening. Several KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entities emerged, and Coalition forces took heavy losses. Separating the objects was subsequently found to prevent portal formation. Artifact components subsequently were held thereafter in separate facilities.
회수 이후 3일 뒤 청산 방법을 찾기 위한 실험 중, 현실 안정화 기적술이 실패하여, 외부차원 통로가 열리게 되었다. 다수의 KTE-2032-돼지풀-멘데스 위협존재가 나타났으며, 연합의 군은 큰 손실을 입었다. 개체를 분히하는 것이 통로 생성을 막는다는 것이 차후 발견되었다. 인공물의 구성요소들은 차후 별도의 시설에서 보관되었다.

PTOLOMY Division liquidation expert Derrick Wells, M.E., report on methodology to neutralize KTE-2013
프톨레미 분과 청산 전문가, 검시관 데릭 웰스, KTE-2013 무력화 방법론에 대한 보고

KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes has proven a singular challenge. We chilled the component artifacts to almost 1 μK, which required specialized equipment (we used a kind of macroscopic laser cooling derived from captured Prometheus Labs research). We heated them to nearly 3,200 Kelvin. That's above the boiling point of ordinary iron, by the way. Not the melting point- the boiling point. They didn't expand or contract- we've only ever seen that kind of behavior in meta-real artifacts. Items that are platonically perfect, or extrusions of higher-dimensional objects.
KTE-2013-카팔라-멘데스는 유별난 도전이었다. 우리는 구성 창을 거의 1μK까지 냉각했고, 여기엔 특수한 장비(회수한 프로메테우스 연구소 연구에서 파생된 거시적 레이져 냉각기를 이용했다)가 필요했다. 우리는 그것들은 거의 3,200켈빈까지 가열했다. 그런데, 이건 평범한 철의 끓는점 이상이었다. 녹는점이 아니라, 끓는점. 그것들은 팽창하거나 축소하지도 않았다. 우린 한 번 이러한 모습을 초현실(meta-real) 인공물에서 본 적이 있었다. 이 항목은 플라톤적으로 완벽하거나, 고차원 개체의 돌출이다.

They don't conduct electricity- they gobble it up, in a way that made me and my staff very nervous. When objects as obviously malign as these start absorbing the energy you give them, you stop providing that energy, if you aren't a fool. We stopped the electrical current tests early. They exhibit magnetic properties that you would expect from ferrous material; but they refuses to be moved. I've never seen anything like it; magnetize them, and they will attract magnetic objects with less mass as you would expect- but wave the most powerful electromagnet you have over them, and they won't so much as wiggle.
그것들은 전기를 전도하지도 않는다. 먹어치운다, 우리 직원들이 정말 걱정스럽게 만들면서. 이것들처럼 해로운 물체가 에너지를 흡수하기 시작한다면, 멍청이가 아니라면 에너지를 주지 않을 것이다. 우린 전류 실험을 일찍 마쳤다. 그것들은 철분이 함유된 물질에서 나타나야할 자기적 특성을 나타내지만, 움직이길 거부한다. 난 이런 걸 본 적이 없다. 그것들을 자화(磁化)시키면, 예상대로 작은 무게를 가진 자성 물체를 끌어당긴다. 하지만 우리가 가진 가장 강력한 전자석을 흔들어대면 꼼짝도 하지 않는다.

They can't be bent mechanically. They can't be stretched or compressed along any axis. They drip that foul, stinking blood constantly, and flake off rust regularly, but they never weigh any less. Hell, despite the apparent fragility of the oxidation on their surface, you can't scratch even the rust patches. Even with a diamond drillbit.

These things are apparently indestructible to any force we can bring against them. My recommendation is that they be sent to Occult Studies.

I'll be glad to see them go, to be truthful. My staff has been jumpy since they got here. There's something sick about those spears- the sort of nastiness that belongs to the Type Blues. Get them the hell out of my lab!

Report on first breach, prepared by PTOLOMY Division Occult Studies Department co-chair Professor Arturo Allejandro

I was not in the laboratory when the dimensional aperture opened. I was checking some figures in the base library, trying to suss out the energy-redirection ratios with regard to mapping the artifacts in the fifth (and possibly up to eleventh) dimension. I am led to understand that all of the personnel present when the portal opened were subsequently killed.

There has been some question of how our reality stabilization methods failed; to understand the break-down, one needs to first understand the thaumaturgic mechanisms in place. Unfortunately, I don't think a full lecture on practical metaphysics and quantum mechanics would be very constructive at this point; you will have to excuse my explanation for being both superficial and rather metaphor-heavy. To summarize, we use two overlapping methods to stabilize our brane locally. Firstly, we have what is known as a 'Seeing Eye Transformer network.' That is a bit of a joke- observer effect, you see- it uses simple divinations and Red-hued aetheric flux to realize the energy potential of local particles; essentially, we collapse the waveform of each individual particle's future into a present we find acceptable. Secondly, we use a 'Leprechaun Generator,' which uses a common and easily produced ritual item (a coin stamped with the Othalan rune, a simple probabilistic-manipulation device, or 'luck charm') which we charge with a powerful electromagnetic current. The field it emits has a normalizing effect; enthalpic intrusions within the field are subject to accelerated decay. If something tries to create a focused point of energy, like that necessary to alter reality, within the field, that energy will simply melt away.

That both of these thaumaturgic devices failed indicates that the artifacts possess or are vehicles for an extremely powerful force known as an Onus or Weird among practitioners. You may translate this as 'personal reality,' 'force of will,' or 'destiny.' They over-rode the stabilized local timeline with their own, effectively defining normalcy within the area of effect- overriding local causality and reversing narrative inertia. The amount of power necessary to achieve this end would have been staggering.

Combined with the consistent failure of all thaumaturgic attempts to liquidate the objects, and given that they are quite obviously more powerful united than they are separate- the portal was found to be equidistant between the spears, when the hostile entities were finally repelled, and putting the spears in different parts of the base has reduced, if not entirely eliminated incidents- it is my recommendation that the artifacts be stored in six separate facilities.

If I may add a personal aside- I don't want these things here. The staff at this station includes many mystically sensitive individuals; the aura that these objects project, even before the incident, was having a disastrous effect on personnel. A nigh-impossible portal and fourteen deaths later, and the entire base is gripped by dread. I request that all components of the artifact be removed from the base, and good riddance to bad magic.

Assesment and Post-Liquidation attempt, by Chaplain-Knight Sir Pierrot Deauchamp, Senior Exorcist of the Holy Order of the Knights Templar, Reformed

On ██/██, 19██, it fell to my order to contain, study, and destroy the Satanic artifact designated KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes. In this task, we have failed. The failure was mine; I was the priest selected to liquidate the artifact. My will that was tested against a tool of the adversary, and faltered. A junior exorcist, Brother Lucas Killian, died as a result of my weakness, and I myself have lost my sight- a punishment from God, I believe, for my insufficient faith.

On the date in question, Brother Killian and I prepared ourselves with prayer and fasting, and attempted to destroy the artifact via the rite of exorcism. We burned the liver and heart of a fish, as laid out in the Book of Tobit; we recited the Athanasian Creed and the Vade Retro Satana. As we chanted the words of the ritual, we felt the power of the enemy build like a great wave waiting to break, within the chamber. The blood that had spotted the walls became streams- it gushed from the pedestal where the artifact lie like an arterial wound; the voice of the evil within the spear was a silent ringing in our ears. Cold and a stink like a decaying corpse rose from the implement.

We persevered, though the malignant aura of the artifact inflicted us with nausea and confusion, and the unnatural cold numbed us. I am proud of Brother Killian; he matched me word for word, his resolve matching (and in the end, eclipsing) my own. Soon, though, I could go no longer- the Latin had become slurred in my mouth, my mind confused.

I ended the chant with a shout, striking the device with my crucifix, in a cowardly attempt to finish the rite. This is all I remember. I am told that the security footage registered a sound like a thunderclap; that I flew away from the artifact, my crucifix in smouldering fragments, and hit the wall. I am told the spear flew from its pedestal, striking Brother Killian in the chest, and piercing the poor man's heart, killing him instantly.

I was dragged from the chamber by my brother priests. I was insensate for better than a day; when I awoke, I was completely blind, though there had been no trauma to my eyes or brain. Brother Killian's body could not be recovered from the chamber throughout the entire day I was comatose; the noisome aura within the chamber persisted, and drove any who attempted to enter away. It is my great shame that not only was Brother Killian slain by my lapse, but that his body remained defiled by the vileness of the spear transfixing him for the entirety of that day.

I apologize to Coalition Command for my failure. I wish I could offer contrition, but instead I can only offer a plea: let this cup pass from my lips. The artifact is too powerful, too great a burden for a sinner such as myself; for the sake of my brethren in the Monastery, and for my own sake, please remove this demonic thing from our possession.

Eleven days after recovery, during thaumaturgic testing in order to develop a method of liquidation (as all mundane methods attempted had failed), a research assistant made contact with KTE-2013-Alfa. Individual subsequently enslaved half a dozen personnel before being liquidated. All affected personnel also liquidated.

After-action report on suppression of second breach, prepared by PHYSICS Division Strike Team 1423 "Redcaps"

Prepared by: Team Leader "Lugnut" 6021B288/1423

At approximately 1400 hours on the date in question, PTOLOMY thaumaturgical research assistant Leonard Marks made shielded physical contact with the object designated KTE-2013-Alfa. This contact is presently believed to have been accidental, and made in the course of Mr. Marks' duties; he has, as such, been posthumously cleared of all wrongdoing and extended a commendation for his sacrifice. Subsequent to the contact, Mr. Marks was compromised by the entity now known to be housed in the artifact. The possessing entity proceeded to assault the PTOLOMY personnel present with the artifact, and succeeded in compromising both thaumaturgical researcher Dr. Johanne Schmidt and research assistant Donald Greyson. We now know that the spear induces a form of trance and mental compulsion in addition to the hemorrhagic illness that the other components display upon infliction of a wound.

The three compromised individuals exited the chamber, with the entity possessing Mr. Marks carrying the artifact. They proceeded to assault several GOC staff, focusing initially on security personnel. These compromised personnel (including PTOLOMY junior researcher Dr. Margaret Hammond, Security Officers Lars Mellon, Adam Wylie, and Mr. Scott Rice, a PTOLOMY clerk) proceeded to secure the wing of the facility that had housed the artifact with weapons taken from the security office. It was at this point that personnel in the central security office, noting the breach on the facility camera system, contacted Coalition Command, which in turn deployed our squad, PHYSICS Division Strike Team 1423, "Redcaps." The Redcaps specialize in providing backup to Western European Coalition facilities under siege, taking back compromised facilities, and destroying compromised Coalition assets.

We received our orders at approximately 1420, and arrived at the facility at 1440 hours. We were outfitted with Mark II Combat Garments (White Suits), with both primary weapons loaded with hollow-point rounds and secondary weapons loaded with banishment rounds (silver/cold-forged iron double pentacle dispersion grid variant) in case of KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entity manifestation. We rendezvoused with facility security, who provided us with the layout of the wing and all camera footage of the incident (the compromised personnel had destroyed the surveillance system shortly after the breach was reported. We proceeded into the compromised wing under full cloaking, on the assumption that even if the possessing entity could perceive cloaked operatives, the other compromised personnel likely could not.

The entity had, by this time, compromised all personnel within the wing. However, rather than attempt to escape or assault the rest of the facility, it had gathered all compromised personnel around it and was giving a speech. The contents of this speech are rendered more fully in this reports addenda, but in summary, the entity ranted semi-coherently about its own power, the insignificance of its enemies, and its 'inevitable destiny' to rule the earth. The entity referred to itself as 'Rama-Vaduk the glorious.'

If the entity could perceive us through our cloaks, it was apparently too distracted by its speech to do so. None of the compromised personnel displayed any ability to perceive us. On my command, Operative "Beardy" engaged and liquidated the entity possessing Mr. Marks with a single headshot utilizing a banishment round, in the hope that this would end the compulsive effect of the spear. This attempt was unsuccessful; the compromised personnel attempted to attack us, and were all subsequently liquidated. We retrieved the spear, and proceeded to egress.

Two months after recovery, an agent made unauthorized contact with KTE-2013-Foxtrot during liquidation attempt. Agent subsequently created a portal to Facility ████ and assaulted personnel there in an attempt to acquire 2013-Charlie. Subject was liquidated, but a member of security staff made contact with 2013-Charlie in an attempt to keep it from them. Infection subsequently led to 11 Coalition casualties.

Footage from Facility ████ security tapes during third breach (audio removed).

0414-20 to 0414-30: A thaumaturgical aperture, identical to those described by Strike Team 0912 operatives after initial recovery of KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes (that is, apparently composed of swirling black gaseous or particulate matter, radiating a deep red glow) forms on the wall of the corridor leading to the chamber housing KTE-2013-Charlie. Security officer Malcolm Claiborne, present in the corridor, reacts with surprise. The entity bearing KTE-2013-Foxtrot (formerly PTOLOMY Type Blue Asset Ravi Agarwal) exits the portal and attempts to assault officer Claiborne with the spear. Officer Claiborne evades the attack, and draws his weapon. The entity proceeds to exfiltrate via the portal it had emerged from. The portal then dissipates.

0414-30 to 0414-40: Officer Claiborne can be seen surveying his surroundings in an agitated manner and speaking into his radio. Facility security will confirm that he is reporting the encounter.

0414-40 to 0414-50: A portal begins to form within the chamber holding KTE-2013-Charlie. Officer Claiborne is ordered to enter the holding chamber, and begins to walk toward it. During this time, several other facility personnel, including security officers Margaret Jordan and Peter Rosenbaum, special operatives Michel Duboise (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Adam Georges (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Tomas Salem (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Lawrence Makepeace (Novice of the Illuminated Mysteries), Jonathan Hagen (Novice of the Illuminated Mysteries), Claire Heller (Scholar of the Illuminated Mysteries), and special Type Blue assets Sarah Bernard (Scholar of the Illuminated Mysteries) and David Weiss (Illuminated Minervan), all of whom were involved in either the containment of or research regarding the artifact, were notified of a potential breach and instructed to render officer Claiborne assistance.

0414-50 to 0415-00: Entity emerges from portal. Entity takes several steps towards KTE-2013-Charlie; portal dissipates. Officer Claiborne enters chamber; spotting the entity, he raises his weapon. The entity gestures with the 2013-Foxtrot, and a veil-like semi-transparent barrier of a smoke-like gas manifests in front of it. Officer Claiborne opens fire with his weapon. Several micro-portals open in the veil-barrier, and intercept the rounds fired. The door on the other end of the corridor opens, and several personnel begin running towards the chamber.

0415-00 to 415-10: Officer Claiborne keeps up a steady rate of fire, walking towards the entity. The entity continues to gesture with the artifact. Maintaining the veil-barrier seems to require concentration, or energy, and the entity remains still. All fired rounds continue to be intercepted. Several personnel enter the chamber. Security officer Rosenbaum opens fire with his own weapon upon the entity. Special asset Bernard begins gesturing in what is later confirmed to be a minor dispelment ritual. Special operative Michel Duboise enters the room and begins to move toward KTE-2013-Charlie, likely in an attempt to recover it before the entity does. It is unknown why operative Dubois would have disregarded safety protocols in such a way. Personnel continue to enter the corridor.

0415-10 to 0415-20: Special operative Duboise makes contact with KTE-2013-Charlie. The veil-barrier manifested by the entity falters. It is unknown whether this was caused by the rate of fire against it, special asset Bernard's dispelment ritual, or a reaction to Duboise's actions. Regardless, the entity is shot fourteen times and killed instantly. The entity possessing Duboise begins gesturing with the KTE-2013-Charlie and apparently shouting. Several personnel in the chamber turn to face him, apparently surprised.

0415-20 to 0415-30: Several individuals present begin to appear distressed or disoriented. Special operative Claire Heller speaks into her radio. This is confirmed to be a code phrase indicating a potential memetic outbreak, necessitating immediate communications blackout and physical lockdown. Officers Claiborne, Rosenbaum, and Jordan aim their weapons at the entity, and begin apparently attempting to communicate with it. The entity continues to gesticulate and shout.

0415-30 to 0415-40: Several personnel are developing minor bleeding from their noses or ears. All present appear distressed and disoriented. Later computer analysis of the audio will confirm that all personnel have been exposed to auditory cognitohazards. Officer Rosenbaum opens fire on the entity, followed closely by officers Jordan and Claiborne. The entity is liquidated. Several personnel try to exit through the corridor. Personnel discover that they have been sealed in by the lockdown. Personnel appear extremely distressed.

Accompanying post-third-breach memo from the office of the Illuminated Master Wilhelm, of the Bavarian Illuminati, re: Get this thing out of my building!

Three weeks after I honored a request by Global Occult Coalition High Command, and from the Director of PTOLOMY Division, to contain and research the artifact KTE-2013-Charlie, a breach occurred. An entity came here, to our house- to one of the oldest Lodges of the Order of the Illuminated in the world!- to take it. The Order has lost eleven people today, including eight members.

I am trying to do the enlightened thing, and move forward with equanimity. But, in truth, I am infuriated. I have lost friends and colleagues, horrifically. When we unsealed the corridor they were trapped in, they were raving- every one of them, raving and bleeding from their eyes, ears, noses. Several more of my personnel were infected while recovering and attempting to treat them- it turns out that the illnesses the artifact inflicts are transmissible! Thankfully, secondary infections are far less virulent. Regardless, eleven people died, thrashing, bleeding, screaming and ranting over eighteen agonizing hours within my medical wing.

I cannot, and will not, tolerate the presence of this artifact within these hallowed halls any longer. I demand its immediate removal.

Five months after recovery, security agent made contact with KTE-2013-Echo, as a result of delusions stemming from long-term exposure to item, a property which had not been noted until this point. Subject killed two Coalition agents and escaped. Subject assaulted Facility ████ two days later, but was driven away by thaumaturgic staff. Subject died of organ failure four days later, and body and artifact were both recovered from a motel in rural Iowa. At this point, it was decided to seek out the assistance of the Foundation in containing the artifacts.

Tracking report on former security agent Bradley Nielsen, LTE designation pending, prepared by PHYSICS Division Assessment Team 721 "Lazy Wolf.'

Prepared by: Team Leader "Bugs" 18212066/721

This report is a summary of the actions leading up to GOC security agent Bradley Nielsen making unauthorized contact with KTE-2013-Echo, the recorded or reconstructed actions of the entity housed in KTE-2013-Echo while possessing Agent Nielsen, and an account of the recovery of the artifact.

On ██/██/19██, at 1126 hours, Agent Nielsen, a former decorated United States Army Ranger and fourteen-year Coalition veteran, left his post at the security office outside of the chamber where KTE-2013-Echo was held, entered the chamber, and made contact with the artifact. This was observed on camera by security personnel, who issued an alert. Two security agents, Agent Neil Lattimer and Agent Cleo Silverberg, entered the chamber. Rather than follow protocol and liquidate the entity, the personnel attempted to communicate with it, believing it to still be Agent Nielsen. The entity gestured with the component spear, and both agents fell, apparently suffering from intense hallucinations. The entity made a short statement, identifying itself as 'Toth-ner, the Broken,' and indicated it would initiate a global eschatological scenario. It gestured again, and both agents burst into flames. It proceeded to exit the facility, hovering slightly above the ground; whenever it was confronted by personnel, it gestured with the artifact, and those personnel began to suffer intense, debilitating hallucinations. The entity succeeded in escaping the facility.

In an attempt to understand why Agent Nielsen had made contact with the artifact, his personal belongings were searched, which led to the discovery of a journal. It was known that Agent Nielsen had been receiving counseling for mild PTSD symptoms related to wartime experiences while deployed in the US military; the journal revealed that the condition had worsened significantly over the course of his duty guarding the artifact. His nightmares grew more intense and more common, and fugue states and hallucinations began presenting while he was awake. He began to hold a delusional belief, despite having been briefed on the properties of KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes, that possessing the spear would allow him to defeat the 'enemies' that tormented him in his dreams. It should be noted that up until this point, the psychological effects of long-term exposure to the component spears was unknown. Agent Nielsen had been in close contact with KTE-2013-Echo for twelve hours a day, five or six days a week, for almost four and a half months. Agent Nielsen was subsequently cleared of any wrong-doing, on the basis that he had been psychically compromised by the artifact.

In the two days between the escape of the entity and the attack on Facility ████, no reports emerged involving spontaneous fires, levitating men, hemorrhagic fevers, or outbreaks of powerful hallucinations. What the entity was doing during this time is presently unknown. It is possible it entirely avoided human contact, or that it convincingly acted as a mundane human.

During the attack on Facility ████, the entity produced a large gout of fire in order to breach the walls, and subsequently subjected the personnel it found there to the same hallucinations it had previously produced. On-site Type Blue assets were able to activate a ward against psychic attack, however, and confront the entity, which subsequently fled. These Type Blue personnel, Professor Harold Raine, Dr. Amelia Stark, and Practitioner Kyle Niven, were subsequently commended for their quick thinking and courageous defense of the Facility. KTE-2013-Alfa, which had been housed at the Facility, was relocated.

A number of incidents allowed for the tracking of the entity after the attack. It took a cab driver hostage, controlling it with bouts of hallucinations, to escape, and subsequently stabbed the individual non-fatally with 2013-Echo. This individual later died of the hemorrhagic disease that the spear inflicted, but was able to recount events to a member of Assessment Team 721, which was responding to reports of the illness (initially believed by civilian medical personnel to be late-stage Ebola). A day later, a Montana State police officer suffered what was described as 'spontaneous combustion.' Two days after that, a Minneapolis man was admitted to a psychiatric institution, reporting a psychotic break similar to that inflicted on GOC personnel by the entity, and a 'floating man, carrying a sword.' It became obvious at this point that the entity was following Component Alfa as it was moved east.

A final report, three days later, in rural Iowa, led Assessment Team 721 to a small motel, where a night clerk claimed he had been threatened by a man with a rusty spear. We were able to misdirect the responding officers and remove many of the civilians using the motel using a chemical spill as a cover story. VERITAS imaging confirmed the presence of the spear in the room; however, no heat signatures indicative of a living organism were detected with thermal imaging. The room was subsequently breached, and it was discovered that the entity was deceased; it had suffered extreme muscle atrophy, loss of bone density, and multiple organ failure, presumably as a result of using the spear. The artifact, and the body of Agent Nielsen, were recovered.

Subsequently, an agreement with the Foundation was reached to facilitate long-term containment under SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL.

PSYCHE Division report on Foundation diplomatic contact and cooperation agreement, prepared by PSYCHE ambassador to the Foundation, Melanie Castle.

KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes, over the course of five and a half months, has consistently resisted every attempt at liquidation; cost the Global Occult Coalition several million dollars; caused two civilian and forty-one Coalition casualties; and each component has been juggled, shifted from location to location, from member organization to member organization to division, by personnel uncomfortable with the mystic equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction in their backyard. Further, there is a good chance that if the artifact is completed, an Global Eschatological Event would occur, requiring the implementation of Procedure Pizzicato- and likely leading to human extinction, regardless.

As such, I was tasked by the Director of PSYCHE Division, with the blessing of Coalition High Command, to make diplomatic contact with the reality normalization organization known as the Foundation. It was reasoned that, given the Foundation's tendency to hoard and study paranormal phenomena, and given the inability of the Coalition to liquidate KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes, that long-term containment of the artifact would be better accomplished by this outside group.

I made contact through my usual channel, speaking to Foundation Department of External Affairs (SCP-DEA) Deputy Director Spencer Sheffield. We met at a Foundation Facility, Site-126, and we were joined by a Mrs. Rose (full name unknown, introduced to me as a representative of the Foundation's command, the Overseers Council), a Mr. Henry Milligan (introduced to me as a containment specialist) and a Doctor Clef (potentially the individual rumored to be former GOC asset Agent Ukelele, though I was unable to confirm this) who was introduced as a specialist in GROUP MENDES. We subsequently agreed on the terms of our agreement, detailed below, classified SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL. This agreement was later approved in full by the Office of the Undersecretariat and the Council of 108.

Given the potentially globally disastrous nature of the threat posed by GROUP MENDES and the parathreats associated with it, this agreement includes a level of cooperation and information sharing regarding the threat that is unprecedented in Foundation-Coalition relations. As I have stated to the Undersecretary, I believe that there is, despite the Foundation's stubbornness, a real possibility of both future cooperation, and of potential integration of the group into the GOC.

Appendix 001- Observed KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entities

Incident Status Appearance and Abilities
사건 상태 외형과 능력
Recovery of KTE-2013 in Johannesburg Liquidated Approximately nine feet in height, roughly humanoid; appeared flayed, with musculature exposed; skull bovine in shape. Levitated, seemed to direct other instances.
요하네스버그의 KTE-2013 회수 청산 약 9피트 신장을 가졌으며 대략적으로 인간형. 살가죽이 벗겨진 것으로 보이며 근육계가 노출되어 있음. 두개골은 소의 두개골 형태. 공중부양하며 다른 개체들에게 지시하는 것처럼 보임.
Recovery of KTE-2013 in Johannesburg Liquidated Quadrupedal, scaled, colorfully violet and green in coloration. Possessed a beak, and over a dozen tentacles emerging from back. Tentacles found to be covered in corrosive substance. No eyes or other sensory organs apparent.
요하네스버그의 KTE-2013 회수 청산 사족보행하며 비늘이 있고 다채로운 보라, 초록 색상. 부리가 있으며, 십여개의 촉수가 등에서 나타남. 촉수는 부식점 물질로 덮여 있음. 눈이나 여타 감각 기관는 보이지 않음.
Recovery of KTE-2013 in Johannesburg Liquidated Centauroid in body shape. Lower body seems to be that of a goat below the neck; upper body consists of torso, arms and head of a diminutive humanoid entity. Flesh black and gelid, tar-like. Entity displayed ability to conjure small but hot and difficult to extinguish balls of flame.
요하네스버그의 KTE-2013 회수 청산 켄타우로스 체형. 하체는 염소의 목 아래 부분으로 보임. 상체는 작은 인간형 존재의 머리와 몸체, 팔로 이루어져 있음. 살은 검고 차가우며, 타르와 유사함. 위협존재는 작지만 뜨겁고 소화하기 힘든 화염구를 만드는 능력을 보였음.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity appeared to be an animate suit of medieval armor, constructed of an unknown dark metal heavily marked with rust. Entity displayed extreme strength and hardiness.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity appeared to be a malformed fetus the size of a small adult. Entity possessed a third arm emerging from its chest, and a third eye on its forehead; both the extraneous organs and the typical ones appeared non-functional. Entity levitated and periodically let out a screech loud enough to incapacitate personnel.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity appeared to be an emaciated humanoid with the head of an oversized vulture. Entity was armed with splintered bones (apparently human femurs) which it used as stabbing implements. Entity displayed superhuman speed and fighting skill.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity appeared to be a giant (approximately four foot tall) red-skinned frog with four extremely poisonous scorpion tails and three eyes.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity was a heavily muscled creature approximately seven feet tall; while constituent body parts were approximately humanoid, the entity was tripodal, and three torsos emerged from its waist, each of which bore three arms (one emerging from where the neck would be typically), and a single large, yellow eye in the center of each chest. Entity displayed startling strength and physical resilience.
Breach, three days post-recovery Liquidated Entity possessed a large serpentine tail in the place of a lower body; torso, arms and head all humanoid. Entity appeared heavily decomposed, and possessed no facial features. Entity displayed the ability to conjure a dark fluid, which possessed momentum upon manifestation, allowing it to be effectively 'flung.' Fluid combusted when it came in contact with organic material.

Appendix 002- SANGUINE CAPRICORN GIMEL documentation

1. It is hereby agreed by the emissaries of the Overseers Council of the Foundation and the Office of the Undersecretary General of the Global Occult Coalition that the items known both as SCP-████-1 through -6, and KTE-2013-Alfa through -Foxtrot, shall be held in containment by the Foundation.
a. It is agreed that the Foundation will contain these items in accordance with security recommendations extended by Coalition research staff (recommendations noted in Appendix 12C).
b. It is agreed that the Foundation will contain these items under the highest possible classification.
c. It is agreed that the Foundation will return these items should progress in finding an effective method of liquidation be made, as per section 2.a.

2. It is agreed that these items pose a global threat, and that actions to ameliorate that threat will be taken by both signee organizations.
a. It is agreed that the Global Occult Coalition PHYSICS and PTOLOMY Divisions will continue to research methods of liquidating the objects.
b. It is agreed that both organizations will continue to suppress the eschatological religious organization known as the Children of the Scarlet King, or GROUP MENDES.
c. It is agreed that both organizations will attempt to locate and recover SCP-████-7/KTE-2013-Golf. It is agreed that this item is included in the previous and subsequent terms upon recovery.

Foundation documentation of KTE-216-Black-Mendeschild: SCP-231
KTE-216-블랙-맨데스차일드 재단 문서: SCP-231

Recovered religious documentation tangentially involving KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes: Link
KTE-2013-카팔라-멘데스가 tangentially 관여된 회수된 종교적 문서: 링크