MTF-X-17 Internal Document: 15311-XLC/2395
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Combat Mission Force X-17
Operation Big Deal

 Around January, 2015, by the intelligence from MTF Delta-1, the Foundation acquired the information that SCP-2395, which was seized by the Chaos Insurgency, was neglected after an accident during an experiment. Herbert Gordon Lee, the commander of the MTF X-17, introduced the plan to carry out the recovery operation as this is a golden opportunity.

 Considering the urgent and unpredictable international situation regarding the location, the operational authority is completely delegated to the 3rd Regiment, the competent authorities unit of the Middle and Near East. Also, the field commander is made to be in charge in case of unexpected situation to judge by his authority and to proceed. Therefore, I have established the following operation scheme to retrieve SCP-2395.


May/11/2015, The Officer Of Combat Mission Force X-17, The 3rd Regiment
Major Gordon



Table of Contents
1. Outline

2. Initial arrangement

3. Operation Plan A

4. Operation Plan B

5. Operation Plan C


Security Level: TOP SECRET

Written at: Iraq the 3rd Regiment HQ, 03/11/2015

Operation Codename: Big Deal

D-day: 05/19/2015 (scheduled)


Top Priority Objectives: Recapturing SCP-2395 / Protecting the negotiator

Second Priority Objective: Seizing the secret document of the Chaos Insurgency, including its research data

Third Priority Objective: mopping-up the influence of the Chaos Insurgency

Basic Information

 For this operation, the X-17 the 3rd Regiment will make some contingents. All the command of the contingents are in charge of Major Gordon. Considering her lawer awareness for her experience and competence, agent Yuri is transferred to be a field agent of the Team November, the negotiators. Also, consultants will be transferred from the Technical Testing Troop Y-23 for the final estimation of the experimental equipment which will be used firstly in this operation. Each contingents consists of the following members.

Codename Duties Members
Alpha Contingency Combat Operations Squad Leader Major Gordon, with eight members
Bravo Contingency Combat Operations Squad Leader Wei, with eight members
Hotel Transporting Flight Leader Luxemburg, with three members
Mike Administrating amnesicas to civilians Amnesiac Spec Zawoo
November Direct negotiation with CI Field agent Yuri, Field agent Song
Yankee Adjusting and Estimating of Equipments Consultant Manchester, Consultant Jso

 Agent Yuri has discussed with the Chaos Insurgency since March in the guise of the convert, and following appointment is scheduled.

  • Location : A settled facility of the Chaos Insurgency("CI Site-201" or "FO,,Field of Operation" hereafter), Tobruk, Libya
    • Upon investigation, the facility is disguised as a villa of French. local civilians are considerably favorable about the facility.
  • Date : 05/19/2015
  • Item :
    • Foundation - Partial copy of the Foundation database, fifty thousand dollars(deposit)
    • CI - SCP-2395, related data
  • Under the pretext of avoiding the Foundation's radar, it has been arranged with the Team November to move via Egypt. The CI agreed to provide a car to transport the November from Egypt to Libya.

 According to the secured information, the CI is receiving widespread support from the civilians, so there would be a significant increase of civilians aggression in case of combat. It is possible to have a negative influence the political spectrum in Libya when the operation is disguised as a terror from the western influence, so a large-scale amnesiac operation is to be prepared.


Initial Arrangement

 All twenty-eight of the contingents will follow the below in Libya.
  • Team November will enter to Egypt by a civil aircraft, make a contact with the personnel from CI, and move to FO by their car. Following items will be prepared.
    • All the items for the negotiation
    • Laser thermometer and Geiger-Müller counter, to ascertain the genuineness of the subject
    • Handy communication equipment, disguised as a hairband and a watch each
  • Alpha and Bravo squad will join the SCPS Enterprise to be transported to the Mediterranean sea, and will move to the shore by two of SH-60X(designated as Team Hotel) at 0630, will walk to the FO, and will be on standby until the signal received from the Team November. Following items will be prepared.
    • Standard uniforms for the MTF
    • Headsets and handheld radio, one per each
    • K2C and its accessories, one per each
      • Magnification red dot sight, one per each
      • Upper-railed Advanced Cornershot, one per each
    • Equipments for filming and transmitting, helmet-mounted one and scoped one per each
    • M249 medium machine gun, one per each team
      • Side-railed Advanced Cornershot, one per each arm
    • Composition-4 explosives
    • Building Inside Scanning Observer with Nanotechnology("BISON" hereafter), one for the Alpha
  • Team Hotel will transport Team Alpha, Bravo, Yankee, and Mike from SCPS Enterprise to the landing point, and be on standby. Following equipment will be prepared.
    • SH-60X seahawk for the Foundation, two
      • Sonar is removed, and communication sets and visual equipment are installed inside.
  • Team Yankee will move to the landing point with the Hotel and be on standby.
  • Team Mike will move to the landing point with the Hotel and be on standby at a safe place for the post process for administrating amnesiacs.


  • For avoiding the unnecessary troubles, a permission is required for the flight and operation from the government of Benghazi and Tripoli before the operation.
  • The state of public security is very unstable, so all the personnel but Team Mike should avoid any contact the civilians.
    • If a battle with the civilians occurred, whether the operation will be continued or not should be determined considering the scale of damage. In any case, all the evidence that may reveal the intervention of the Foundation must be destroyed.



Operation Plan A

 All of the contingent will enter Libya by the initial arrangement. Team November will make a contact with the personnel from CI, finish the modification of the negotiation, and make an exchange of the items. SCP-2395 must be verified by the provided equipment. If they ask for the identification of the item, the documents printed with a normal ink is to be provided to delay their detection as lately as possible.

 If SCP-2395 is a fake, or the CI detects the trick, Operation Plan B will be launched.

 If the CI ends the negotiation without any detecting of the trick, Team November will walk away from the FO with a friendly atmosphere. If CI offers another car, refuse politely. And after that, Team November will meet the Team Hotel, and return via SCPS Enterprise.

 If the plan has succeeded, Team Alpha, Bravo, and Mike will cease the additional action to meet the Team Hotel.


Operation Plan B

 In case of aborted negotiation, withdraw Team November and SCP-2395, a surprise attack will be launched mobilizing Team Alpha and Bravo.

 Team November will transmit a signal to the commander as soon as the negotiation has failed. Until the fighting units are deployed, conversation will be used to the utmost limit in order to postpone the maneuver of the CI. For the detailed raid plan for Alpha and Bravo, see the attached analysis reports.

 If the operation has succeeded, Team Mike will manipulate the memories of the local civilians to remove the good public sentiment of the CI facility. The attack will be disguised as a terrorist attack of the anti-western organizations in Libya.

 If the recovery has failed, Proceed to operation Plan C.


Operation Plan C

 If the Plan B has failed, Team Alpha and Bravo will destroy all the irrecoverable documents and equipment, and gather personnel to escape. It is of great importance to keep the Advanced Cornershot, BISON, and visual equipment away from the civilians. Team Hotel will take off as soon as the Plan C begins, move to the FO, recover all the personnel that have participated in the infilteration, and return to SCPS Enterprise. Team Mike will, if the rejoining is difficult, not make a forced breakaway, and will wait for the recovery team around the area.

 작전지가 전략적으로 중요한 가치를 가지고 있거나, 작전지 내에서 추가적인 변칙 개체를 발견했거나, 적이 시험 장비를 노획하는 등 분견대장이 판단하기에 반란 제201기지를 공격해야 할 충분한 사유가 있을 경우에는 SCPS 엔터프라이즈 소속의 F/A-18 전폭기를 동원해 적 시설을 공습한다. 차후 정보 조작을 통해 이집트 공군이 이라크 레반트 이슬람 국가의 시설을 공격한 것으로 위장한다. 필요하다면 마이크팀은 이것에 관련해 주민 기억을 조작한다.
 If the FO is significant from the strategic point of view, or additional anomalies are found in the FO, or there are a good reason to attack the CI Site-201 (such as the enemy has captured the experimental equipment) in a way for the commander of thinking, the facility will be attacked by mobilizing the F/A-18 fighter-bomber of SCPS Enterprise. Afterward, the attack should be disguised as an action of the Egypt air force to raid the facility of the Iraq Levant Islamic State which is located in the Libya. Team Mike will manipulate the memory of the civilians if necessary.




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