INFOHAZARD WARNING: All information in this file must be kept in auditory form.

SCP-1159 (Audio File) Note: I apologize for the informality of this recording. I was not able to use written notes. – Dr. Reixis

Item SCP-1159. Object class Safe.

Special containment procedures: SCP-1159 is to be contained in a box measuring two meters by one-half meter by one-half meter. The box is to be kept in a climate-controlled room at all times to prevent deterioration of the wood. SCP-1159, as a note, is an infohazard, and as such, all staff should be discouraged from … making any notes or other written commentary about 1159, in order to prevent data loss.

Description: SCP-1159 is an Aeolian wind harp, measuring 1.5 meters by 20 millimeters by 30 millimeters. Carbon dating suggests that this wind harp is less than two hundred years old. Markings on the underside of the harp indicate that it was manufactured in Herculean Greece, though no date is listed. Harps of this type are meant to be played by the wind with no human interaction … SCP-1159 will produce multiple harmonic tones when wind … er, or some other source of air is blown through the back of the harp, causing the strings to vibrate. An example of this harmonic tone is included in attachment 1 of this file. The anomalous nature of SCP-1159 becomes apparent when any person attempts to create any kind of written descriptions of the object. Any such attempts completely and utterly fail. Um … It's worth noting that referencing SCP-1159 itself does not produce the effect, nor do descriptions kept in a purely auditory state, which is the reason for the unorthodox, um, medium of this particular file. People who listen to SCP-1159 for some time often describe its music as “entrancing” and “beautiful” and such, but it is unclear whether or not this is an anomalous effect or whether the sounds produced by the object are simply high-quality harmonics.

Er, Addendum 1: SCP-1159 was first discovered in an auction house on [BLEEP] in [BLEEP], New York. An elderly male subject mentioned to a Foundation agent posing as customer while on standing containment patrol that he had a beautiful harp in the back of his shop. The agent asked for the price of the harp, and the subject was not able to produce one, stating that he had not had an opportunity to write it down. He did note that … that was an unusual occurrence, but he said that it was certainly just an oversight on his part. After determining the anomalous nature of the object, the agent … initiated a containment protocol, and, er, SCP-1159 was recovered.

Ending recording.

SCP-1159 (Addendum 1159-A): Test 1.

Addendum 1159 tack A: Attempts to write down descriptions of SCP-1159 have not been met with success. In this first tests, subjects were given various mediums with which to capture a description of 1159, including pens, pencils, cameras, typewriters, and computers. Upon initiation of the tests, er, no subjects were able to complete the task. Pencils broke, mostly tips; one pencil was found to have no lead in it … um, pens began leaking all over the paper, um, two of the pens had their tips rupture … Er, the cameras were also unsuccessful: the digital camera suffered corrupted files, and, er, one suffered a short circuit; the analog cameras found that all of their film had been overexposed. The computers all suffered fatal malfunctions, and, er, the typewriter suffered a mechanical malfunction including a broken gear, and, er, several broken keys.

SCP-1159 (Addendum 1159-B): Test 2.

Addendum 1159 tack B: Subject was given a lead pencil created by Foundation engineers with the purpose of making a pencil able to write under extreme conditions. Pencil was created with lead alloy tip to prevent breaking, and was wrapped in a titanium shell. On initiation of the test, subject suffered a fatal heart attack. Further testing has been suspended until further notice.

End recording.

SCP-1159 (Addendum 1159-C): Interview with Dr. Androvsky following events of Test 2.

This is Dr. Buchanan; audio log of interview with Dr. Androvsky. Dr. Androvsky is a Foundation researcher stationed at Site [BLEEP] and will give his opinion on SCP-1159.

Dr. Buchanan: Thank you for joining me, Dr. Androvsky.

Dr. Androvsky: My pleasure.

Dr. Buchanan: You've had some time to study SCP-1159 and its anomalous effects; have you formed any opinions as to the nature of the harp?

Dr. Androvsky: I have. I believe that the reason the object behave the way that it does is a form of self … preservation.

Dr. Buchanan: How so?

Dr. Androvsky: … Think of it this way: Aeolian wind harps do not need humans to play them. The only interaction the human has with the harp is by listening to the music. If you take away the audience, the harp has nothing. You can describe a harp with words, certainly, but in anomalous effect of the harp forces anyone who wishes to learn about the harp to learn about it auditorily. Even if the person … never hears the sound of the harp itself, the simple fact that information must disperse through sound is music on itself – the music of information.

Dr. Buchanan: Thank you once again, Dr. Androvsky.

Dr. Androvsky: My pleasure, again.