Scp 222 Kr
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Interior of SCP-222-KR during the first manifestation. The train's damage is repaired as deactivation procedure fails.

Item #: SCP-222-KR

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: On the 18th of every month from 04:00 AM to 05:00 AM, which the entity appears, the subway line is sealed and deactivation procedure is enacted by trained agents. Every station which said subway passes should be sealed for maintenance on the night of the 18th, and one agent should be placed at each station, for the purpose of obstructing civilian access and reporting progress. If the "repetition" event occurs due to the failure of the deactivation process, all of the affected subway lines are to remain closed for the remainder of the day, and the extinguishing procedure must be performed simultaneously while the entity is in an active state.

Description: SCP-222-KR is a phenomenon which occurs in metro ███ line (a.k.a line No.█) in █████ Metropolitan City, South Korea that first appeared after the accident at ██████ 18th 20██. The phenomenon was first observed by a Foundation Agent who was monitoring the accident, and was successful in containing the object.

  1. Within Subway line #█ at █████, at 04:00 AM a subway train exhibiting extensive burn damage appears on the tracks, having emerged from the wall of the terminal. The train then moves in reverse to █████ station, the opposite terminal of subway line #█. The train stops at this station for a short period, during which the time the door of the first passenger carriage (the last carriage to emerge from the terminal except for the engine room) opens. At this point an Agent should board the train in order to carry out the deactivation process.
  2. The train will then drive to the starting point, ██████ station, at half of its normal speed without stopping. The doors between passenger carriages are during this period. Certain objects within the passenger carriages will become animate. The temperature **within the train will also increase as time goes on."
  3. Upon arriving at █████████ station, two plastic bottles filled with gasoline, found within the first passenger carriage, will animate. These plastic bottles will open and pour their contents over the interior of the car. A lighter, also found within the first passenger carriage, will animate and ignite the gasoline. Immediately after this occurs, the doors between the passenger cars will open, and a variety of objects found throughout the train will become animate. These objects will move to obstruct the doorways between carriages.
  4. The assigned Agent should, at this point, enter the engine room and open the doors of the passenger carriages, using the supplied master key. If this is successful, the fire will spread out of passenger carriages before being extinguished. A group of humanoid entities, apparently composed of ash, will then exit the train before rapidly disintegrating.

The master key used in the deactivation procedure was found beneath one of the first row of seats in the first passenger car during the first instance of SCP-222-KR, and was collected by the Foundation after the third recorded occurrence.

If the deactivation procedure is not performed when the train reaches █████████ station, the heat and size of the flames within the train will intensify, making performing the deactivation procedure more difficult. The train will then dematerialise. However, if five successive SCP-222-KR events occur without the successful implementation of the deactivation procedure, SCP-222-KR will begin to deviate markedly from its normal behaviour. Upon reaching █████████ station, the train will not dematerialise and will continue according to the timetabled route of subway trains operating on Subway line #█. Other trains timetabled to run during this period will experience malfunctions which will prevent them from operating, so that there is never a timetable clash between SCP-222-KR and another train. Upon reaching █████████ station for a second time, SCP-222-KR will catch fire, re-enacting the accident which occurred at the station. This is known as a 'Repetition' situation.

If “repetition” situation happens like this, since it will be predicted and concerned to have secondary damage to civilians and having flame spreading around the whole route, agents that are responsible for deactivation procedure should fully aware about the procedure by training at autonomously made set


SCP-222-KR revelation recordings:

20██/██/18 - ██ The day that Subway accident has been observed. Agent █████ that was dispatched for exploration team has caught in the passenger train, and dead by covered with gasoline and got ignited while reporting with radio the consequence that was happening inside

20██/██/18 - Commanded a exploration to D class personal ██ ████. After observing until ignition consequence, tried to move to front passenger train, but burnt to death because of getting stamped by objects that were shown to have strange phenomenon.

20██/██/18 - Dr.██ ███ voluntarily embarked on. Picked up the master key and opened the door after arriving to the engine room by jostle through the objects. Deactivation procedure has been found.
20██/██/18 - Deactivation procedure conducted by agent██████████

20██/██/18 - Deactivation procedure conducted by agent ██████████. Agent wasn’t able to get off and disappeared because of accident.

20██/██/18 -Agent ███████ attempted deactivation procedure but failed, expired.

20██/██/18 - Agent ███ attempted deactivation procedure but failed, expired.

20██/██/18 - Agent ██████ attempted deactivation procedure [Data Expunged]

20██/██/18 - It has been observed that passage car was getting cleaner. Did not try deactivation procedure.

20██/██/18 -Did not try deactivation procedure. There are still poltergeist phenomenon but has been examined to re-sort to safe after confirming fire wasn't spreading properly.

20██/██/18 - The subway has appeared with completely normal figure and even did not get ignited. The train has arrived at the starting station at 5:00 AM, but it didn't disappear. The train was running at original time schedule and boarded civilians. Ignited at █████████ station by poltergeist phenomenon, but was quickly suppressed by agents that apprehended the situation and the eyewitnesses were having A level amnesiac.

20██/██/18~ - Dr.██ ███ is now responsible for deactivation procedure, and Agent █, █████████, ███ are selected discipline of the procedure.

Part of 222-KR-3 Interview:

Interviewed: Dr. Ridgeway - doctor and coroner
Interviewer: ██████
Introduction: Question and answer about flame changing in to human shaped ash.


██████:Can we consider that the flame itself is an individual Humanoid

Dr. Ridgeway: No, as it’s shown on the result imagery interpretation, flame was just flame.

██████: Then what about ashes?

Dr. Ridgeway: I’m pretty sure that, it is a corpse of a human. Among them had cases with only one arm, one leg or turned in to dust, but the analyses result was equal.

██████: Tell me about your opinion.

Dr. Ridgeway: Assuming that most of the corpse wasn’t in perfect shape the strongest hypothesis is those are corpse that didn’t get recovered at the accident. It was even illegible that it is a corpse or not.

██████: Was it able to collect those?

Dr. Ridgeway: It's Impossible. I tried, but neither I place it in a plastic bag nor in iron case the flame just burns off the whole thing. (Tried it but even though I put it in plastic bag or iron case it just burns the whole thing.) It was able to touch it by hand but as attempted to carry it just leaked out. As the subway disappeared the ashes disappeared correspondingly…… um, by going through the ground.

██████: Thank you.

List of anomalous objects found in SCP-222-KR:

  • Two plastic bottles filled with gasoline and a lighter for ignition – every attempt to remove it have been failed
  • Dozens of shoes – can die by pressure because of these when the passenger car’s passage is unlocked
  • Hand bag
  • Fire extinguisher – malfunctioning
  • Backpack
  • Earphones floating midair – no connected device. Confirmed playing “help me” in various voices when it is equipped
  • Scarfs
  • Glass – Without any relationship with physical, chemical contacts it's observed to be breaking as time passes
  • Top toy
  • Cane
  • Notepad and pen – Confirmed as writing ‘I'm lonely’ repeatedly
  • Winter Gloves
  • A book that cannot be identified because of combustion