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슈윈 요원을 납치하려고 하는 SCP-2600-J.

일련번호: SCP-2600-J

등급: 안전(Safe)

특수 격리 절차: SCP-2600-J는 제77기지에 위치한 표준 격리실에 보관되어야한다. SCP-2600-J에서 일하기로 배정된 인원은 가짜 수염이나 가발과 같은 표준 개인 보호 체계가 주어져야한다. 유괴를 막기 위해 표준 재단 자전거 자물쇠가 제77기지에 있는 모든 자전거에 주어졌다.

설명: SCP-2600-J는 자전거이며, 스윈 회사(Schwinn corporation)에서 1996년에 제작되었다. 전체적으로 가동할 수 있고, 자신의 격리에 배정된 어떤 인원이든 들이받아서 유괴하려고 하는데, 일반적으로 탈출 시도로 이어진다. 이것을 제외하고는, SCP-2600-J는 다른 변칙 특성을 보이지 않는다.

가끔, SCP-2600-J의 즉각적인 석방을 요구하는 것으로 보이는 매체가 제77기지에 전달된다.
Occasionally, media appearing to demand SCP-2600-J's immediate release will be delivered to Site-77. These will usually be accompanied by portions of bicycles which have been removed very roughly, such as portions of the frames and torn-up chains. Media will usually consist of pieces of paper covered in menacing tire tracks, ransom notes composed of newspaper clippings signed by the "Bicycle Mafia," or videos depicting several fedora-clad bicycles spinning their wheels aggressively.

Personnel are advised not to let SCP-2600-J's cohorts intimidate them.

부록: Transcript of a video delivered to Site-77 on 8/8/2008.

녹취록 시작

<0:01> Video begins, and appears to be taking place in an abandoned bike shop/Italian restaurant. Two bicycles are present, one red and one orange each wearing a feathered fedora. On the table in between them is a small red tricycle.

<1:00> The red bicycle begins to spin its wheels rapidly, bouncing up and down in an aggressive manner.

<2:22> The orange bicycle begins imitating the red bicycle. This continues in intervals for 3 minutes.

<5:23> A hacksaw is produced.

<5:24> [데이터 말소]

The remains of the tricycle depicted in the video were delivered to Site-77 over the next 6 months. One piece at a time.

부록: The Site-77 bicycle rack was compromised, with over twenty bicycles being stolen. Only a single broken lock was found at the scene.

They got my Red Rocket! Those bastards! - Director Gillespie.

부록: Research into possible connections with the Segway Aryan Brotherhood, Tractor Jehovah's Witnesses, Horseback Pop Band, Pogo Stick Jews, or Ford Pinto Dog Kennel Association is ongoing.