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Site-██ Security personnel prepare for Myrmidon UNCLEAR Event, ██/██/1918. Personnel are equipped with experimental Mark/Null Personal Radiation Shielding, retrofitted from contemporary gas-protection equipment.

Item #: SCP-2601

Object Class: Keter Neutralized Pending

Special Containment Procedures: All Containment documents, both hard-copy and electronic, concerning SCP-2601, shall begin with a randomized transcript of or extract from a previous BRAVADO Drill.

SCP-2601 is contained in a standard Reinforced Humanoid Containment Cell on Site-██, fitted with additional radiation shielding, and connected to a soundproofed general-purpose room of a size suitable for BRAVADO Drills. Site-██ personnel are to be selected from as diverse a range of international backgrounds as possible, and personnel from military families or traditions should be prioritized.

SCP-2601's cell is immediately adjacent to an empty standard Reinforced General Containment Cell equipped with additional radiation shielding and fire-suppression equipment capable of withstanding direct exposure to high-explosive detonations. SCP-2601 has been made aware of the existence of this cell, and its utility in containing SCP-2601-1 instances during Myrmidon CLEAR Events. In the event of a Myrmidon UNCLEAR Event, Site-██ will enter full lockdown until security personnel have destroyed or contained all instances of SCP-2601-1. Site-██ itself is fitted with double-thickness radiation shielding in every room to minimize the health risks caused by the destruction of SCP-2601-1.

BRAVADO Drills are to be enacted at least 24 hours before each full and new moon. All Site-██ personnel are encouraged to contribute material to and participate in these drills, to maximize their effect on SCP-2601. The Site armoury is to liaise with international Foundation military archive groups for the purpose of gathering suitable equipment for drills. All BRAVADO Drills must conform to the following points:

  • Drill personnel must be wielding and making threatening gestures with a weapon from their ancestral cultural lineage1, developed before the invention of gunpowder.
  • Drill personnel must perform in the physical presence of SCP-2601. Given that SCP-2601 has demonstrated some level of omniscience, why this is necessary is unknown.
  • Drill personnel must be wearing at least one piece of traditional military dress or equipment from their ancestral cultural lineage, developed before the invention of gunpowder.
  • Drill personnel must recite at the very least six lines of original prose speech or poetry in their native language.
  • This recitation must insult SCP-2601's military prowess or otherwise praise the military prowess of the Foundation.
  • Drill personnel must continue the BRAVADO until SCP-2601 indicates that its strength has been sufficiently restored and returns to its containment cell.

If the BRAVADO Drill is judged to be successful, the next Myrmidon Event shall be classified as CLEAR, and Site personnel can continue operations as normal during the Event. If the Drill is not successful, the Event shall be classified as UNCLEAR and Site security personnel shall prepare to contain and repel SCP-2601-1.

Description: SCP-2601 is an intelligent humanoid mass of antiquated military equipment, which claims to be a prehistoric war deity by the name of "Insaera". SCP-2601's body, which maintains a consistent weight of 346kg, is composed of layers of armour and military panoply, all consistent in both style and date with a wide variety of historical cultures. Should a piece of equipment be removed from SCP-2601's body, it will be immediately replaced by another item; SCP-2601's mass does not change when this occurs. Current components of SCP-2601 include a padded cotton coat of Mesoamerican origin, an early Renaissance-era Italian sallet helm, a genet-tail kilt from south-central Africa, and a pair of proto-Etruscan style armoured gloves composed of an unidentified alloy of aluminium.

Description: SCP-2601은 스스로를 선사 시대의 투신(鬪神) "인사에라Insaera"라 지칭하는, 고대 군사 장비가 뭉쳐져 만들어진 인간형 지성체이다. SCP-2601의 몸체는 갑주와 투구가 겹겹이 모여 이루어졌으며, 그 질량의 총합은 늘상 346kg으로 일정하다. 대상을 이루는 방어구들은 전부 다양한 시대와 양식이 조합되어 만들어졌다. SCP-2601의 몸체에서 장비가 끄집어내지는 경우, 즉시 다른 장비가 나타나 그것을 대신한다. 이 과정에서 질량의 변화는 없다. 대상의 현재 구성물에는 중앙 아메리카산 무명 코트, 르네상스 전기의 이탈리아 샐릿, 아프리카 중남부의 사향고양이 꼬리털 킬트, 정체불명의 알루미늄 합금으로 만들어진 초기 에트루리아식 건틀릿 등이 포함된다.

SCP-2601 is capable of speech in any language known by the subject to whom it is speaking. SCP-2601 will generally use the subject's first language, and adopt a voice that is the same gender as the subject. Though the entity does not respire, it frequently vocalizes heavy coughing and other sounds consistent with a human suffering from mild pneumonia. SCP-2601 possesses human-level intelligence, though it demonstrates the symptoms of early-stage Alzheimer's Disease. The entity is incapable of walking unassisted, and claims to suffer from severe joint pain when in motion. SCP-2601 has proved to be cooperative with Foundation personnel, and has shown strong regret and remorse for the burden it feels it has imposed on its containment and liaison staff.

SCP-2601은 그 대화 상대가 사용할 수 있는 언어라면 뭐든 구사 가능하다. SCP-2601은 일반적으로 상대의 모어()를, 상대와 동일한 성별의 목소리로 구사한다.will generally use the subject's first language, and adopt a voice that is the same gender as the subject. Though the entity does not respire, it frequently vocalizes heavy coughing and other sounds consistent with a human suffering from mild pneumonia. SCP-2601 possesses human-level intelligence, though it demonstrates the symptoms of early-stage Alzheimer's Disease. The entity is incapable of walking unassisted, and claims to suffer from severe joint pain when in motion. SCP-2601 has proved to be cooperative with Foundation personnel, and has shown strong regret and remorse for the burden it feels it has imposed on its containment and liaison staff.

At dusk (the exact time varies) on the night of the new and full moons of each month, SCP-2601 will initiate a Myrmidon Event. It claims that it does so unwillingly, and demonstrates signs of severe physical pain during an event, especially those classified UNCLEAR. During a Myrmidon Event, several instances of SCP-2601-1 will appear within approximately 700 meters of SCP-2601, and attempt to attack any living beings nearby which are not the entity itself. The number of SCP-2601-1 manifested varies widely, but is generally higher during UNCLEAR events (5-312, maximum) and lower during CLEAR events (1-4, maximum).

SCP-2601-1 appear as featureless approximations of human beings clad in a variety of military equipment from periods before the large-scale adoption of gunpowder. Each instance of SCP-2601-1 during a single event will bear arms and armour from the same time period and location. SCP-2601-1 have limited intelligence and are incapable of communication, though they do show knowledge of basic small-unit tactics. SCP-2601-1 are capable of feats of unusual strength and agility, but lack the durability needed to survive the strain of such exertions. For example, during one Myrmidon UNCLEAR event on ██/██/193█, SCP-2601-1-498, clad in the garb of an Armorican Gallic warrior, was observed to pull open a hydraulic security door with its bare hands, then expire as both its arms were removed from their sockets by the effort required to do so.

Instances of SCP-2601-1 demonstrate extremely low survivability and expire rapidly and unpredictably when manifesting. The longest SCP-2601-1 has ever remained active was 3 minutes, 19 seconds during an event on ██/██/1948, and instances frequently expire within seconds of their appearance. When an SCP-2601-1 instance expires, either due to instability or physical trauma, it will emit approximately 150J of energy, in the form of a single, uniform, high-intensity burst of gamma radiation. Within 3 seconds of this release of radiation, the instance will explode with an energy of up to 45x 106 J. The destruction of a single SCP-2601-1 instance within a group of several other instances is generally sufficient to trigger a chain reaction, causing intense radiation emissions as the group expires simultaneously.

SCP-2601 is able to exert limited control over the number of SCP-2601-1 appearances and the location in which they manifest, but only when a Myrmidon Event occurs within 24 hours of a successful BRAVADO Drill. SCP-2601 claims that BRAVADO, and the use of aggressive military language in its documentation, gives it some measure of temporary strength or control over its abilities. Since the adoption of excerpts from BRAVADO drills in containment documentation in 1904, the average number of SCP-2601-1 manifestations, even during UNCLEAR events, has consistently decreased by 10%. SCP-2601 has consistently manifested SCP-2601-1 inside pre-designated containment cells and other locales requested by research personnel during Myrmidon CLEAR Events.

Document: Royal Society for the Security, Containment, and Protection of Anomalous Artifacts memo, 4 April 1902:

[…]sudden materialization in an unused containment cell of an entity composed entirely of badly damaged foreign and antique military equipment on the 31st of May. Addressing Site staff in the tones of an elderly gentleman, it introduced itself as 'In-sa-era' and requested that it be contained for the sake of its own health and safety. The creature claims to be a warlike deity of great age which has been alive since 'before [humanity] began'. It has requested that members of the Society Security Bureau address and threaten it in a warlike manner, and that such actions constitute a panacea to the various injuries and ailments of great age. While the veracity of these claims is yet unknown, the creature has proved cooperative otherwise.

Notably, it expressed an awareness of the cessation of hostilities in South Africa, as well as the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging, several hours before word was received by wire in the United Kingdom. It claimed that this incident was "the final blow", though against what said blow was directed is unclear.

Document: Extract from the personal notes of Junior Researcher N█████ Silongo, ██/██/1945:

I have been speaking more and more with the entity- there is something fascinating about its presence. For all that it is old and doddering, not to mention hopelessly out of touch with the state of the world, it has gravitas. You can feel the weight of history radiating off it. To In-sa-era, all humans are equal. So long as we can fight, there are no differences between us. In light of the events of the past few years, there is a refreshing simplicity to its worldview.

Document: Extract from an interview with SCP-2601, ██/██/1948:

SCP-2601 was interviewed as part of its regularly scheduled social time by Researcher Silongo. During the previous Myrmidion CLEAR Event, the four manifestations of SCP-2601-1 that had appeared demonstrated unusual stability (see above). The following extract has been translated from isiZulu.

Researcher Silongo: SCP-2601, I've been told you've been feeling more energetic of late. How are you?

SCP-2601: Aaaah, yes, yes. Oh, my joints still ache and my nose drips rather than smelling iron on the breeze, but I haven't felt this good in years!

Researcher Silongo: Your last batch of SCP-2601-1 was unusually… stable. You can understand our concerns.

SCP-2601: Yes, yes. You're worried about my little bodyguards. Not to fear, mortal. If my health continues like this, I might be able to actually order them about for once! None of that falling apart. Imagine- real soldiers, at the beck and call of Insaera!

Researcher Silongo: Do you have any conception of why this might be happening?

SCP-2601: Why, isn't it obvious? An iron curtain has descended across Europe! I haven't felt this much posturing and bravado since- since- in a long time! Why, did you know- that, eh..

Researcher Silongo: SCP-2601?

SCP-2601: Lost my damned train of thought. Ah yes. In America, they're actually singing songs wishing Stalin dead! Oh, if only you could understand the warmth I feel.

Researcher Silongo: I'm not entirely sure I understand.

SCP-2601: Oh, but I'm sure you do, Silongo! Two great armies gathered on the field, raising their weapons high and wishing death upon each other! Millions of soldiers, singing their own praises and blessings upon their kingdoms! It's positively medieval. Make no mistake- the Foundation has done a great deal of work towards keeping me hale, but this is something else entirely.

Addendum 26/12/1991: As of 12:00am, SCP-2601 has become totally inactive. Removal of the entity's components decreases its mass as expected. The remains of SCP-2601 have been disassembled, and a human skeleton, similar in form to those recovered from archaeological digs in the Levant and radiocarbon dated to approximately 6000BCE, was extracted from the surrounding armour. After moulds and detailed photographic records of the skeleton were taken, it was cremated and given a full Foundation military burial on the orders of Site Director Silongo. SCP-2601 has been reclassified as Neutralized, and Director Silongo has been reprimanded for destroying a potentially valuable paleontological artefact.

Addendum 12/02/2013: At 2:57am UTC today, a single instance of SCP-2601-1, bearing the uniform of a member of the Korean People's Army and armed with what appeared to be a Type 56 assault rifle, materialized in the main common room of Site-██. The entity saluted and immediately vanished, without the expected radiation emission or explosion. Reactivation of SCP-2601's Keter status is pending.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1969:

Låt mig förtälja, om den mäktigaste här någonsin skådad,
en här fruktad av såväl jätte som av gud, en här av män hårda som stål,
en här vars hjärtan ej känner fruktan, en här av män gjutna i blod,
över haven seglade de, bortom haven segrade de, med eld och död härjade de,
med yxa, svärd och spjut och sköld, männen som segrar i eld,
Stiftelsens män, stöpta i stål och blod och död.

Let me tell, of the mightiest army ever seen,
An army feared by both giant and god, an army of men hard as steel,
An army whose hearts know no fear, an army of men cast in blood,
Over the seas they sailed, beyond the seas they triumphed, with fire and death they ravaged,
With axe and sword and spear and shield, the men who triumph in fire,
The Foundation's men, cast in steel and blood and death.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1983:

Na tisícich pleciach stojí
Tisíc mozgov žije ňou
Nadácia - ľudstva žitie
Jej jedinou úlohou

Agent, vojak, vedec v plášti
černokňažník v obleku
Bok po boku svorne stoja
nedajú sa k úteku

Čo by hromy kol' nich bili
Žrať ich zachcel večný plaz
Svojim umom zhatia silu
rozvrátivšiu sveta ráz

Tisíc divov, tisíc zmarov
tisíc hračiek prírody
Každú z nich dnes číslo zdobí
človeku viac neškodí

A ty, bože, že vraj vojny
s ľudským umom chceš sa biť?
Pred tebou už mnohí chceli.
Zostala im holá riť.

It rides on a thousand shoulders
Inhabits a thousand minds
Foundation!- humanity's salvation,
Its sole goal.

Agents, soldiers, white-coated scientists,
Suited workers of miracles,
Side by side they stand united
Firm against the foe.

If thunder struck about them,
Or a lizard bared its teeth,
With their industry they could stop the power
That would unravel the world

A thousand wonders, thousand dooms,
Thousand toys of nature,
Each one now decorated with a number,
Won't harm us anymore

As for you, god, supposedly of war
Do you seek to challenge our genius?
You're not the first to try-
We'll leave you bare-assed!


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1948:

Minds of the Foundation
Secure, Contain, Protect,
Born of every nation,
And armed with Intellect!

Iron, Fire,
Silicon and Oil,
Are the tools that drive our ire.

Bullet, blade,
Armour and the Atom,
All the weapons Man hath made.

Petty Gods will bar our path,
The way to truth and glory,
They will know our dutif'l wrath,
They cannot end our story.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1964:

La grande Fondazione contiene tutti i mali, dalla lucertola immortale al gufo con tre zampe. Le loro Task Forces, imbattibili e potenti, con le loro strategie ed i loro armamenti salvano il mondo dalla distruzione. Il suo personale, poi! Sopratutto gli Italiani, sono dei geni, che con mille trovate, una più geniale dell'altra, hanno sempre la meglio sulle anomalie. SCP-2601? Quello sciocco? Non fatemi ridere. Un dio della guerra? Sembra un dio della merda.

The great Foundation contains all the evils, from the immortal lizard to the three-legged owl. Their Task Forces, unstoppable and powerful, with their strategies and weapons save the world from destruction. It's personnel, also! Especially the Italians, they are geniuses, and with thousand ideas, one smarter than they other, they always get a leg up on the anomalies. SCP-2601? That idiot? Don't make me laugh. A god of war? It looks like a god of shit.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1978:

Wij beschermen het universum tegen driftige peuters zoals jij. Een oorlogsgod? Wij zijn oorlog. In deze cel zul je rotten, tot de wereld je vergeten is, tot je naam is vergaan tot een mild scheldwoord op de lippen van kinderen. Wat kan een god uitrichten tegen de macht van de Foundation? Hoe breekt een vis uit het aquarium? Een hamster uit zijn kooi? Je bent afgesloten, uitgesloten en opgesloten. Net als alles dat deze realiteit en de status quo durft te bedreigen. Wij staan. Wij beschermen. Wij zijn de handhavers van normaliteit. Kniel voor ons.

We protect the universe from ill-tempered toddlers like you. A war god? We are war. In this cell you will rot until the world has forgotten you, until your name has decayed to a mild curse on the lips of children. What can a god do against the might of the Foundation? How does a fish break out of its aquarium? A hamster out of its cage? You have been closed off, eliminated and locked up. Just like everything else that dares to threaten this reality and the status quo. We stand. We protect. We are the enforcers of normalcy. Kneel before us.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1990:

צעד, צעד,
שוב החזית בוערת,
לדם, לדם,
החרב שוב תצמא,
עוז ואש נשקי כולנו
פלדה וזעם, גורל האדמה!

הן לא לחינם נבחרנו,
הן לא לחינם נעמוד איתן
בפני חידלון ומוות, עבורך
לא אחד יהסס ליפול קורבן!

גם רוח, גם רעד,
יכו כך בפנינו
גם רשף תותחים, גם קריעת התייל
אך אנו כך נצעד עד גם עד אחרון נופלינו
מסירות ואומץ יחייו לעד!

March, march,
The front line burns again,
To blood, to blood,
The sword still thirsts,
Fire and valor will be our arms,
Steel and fury, for the fate of our land.

It is not for nothing that we were chosen,
It is not for nothing that tall we stand,
For even in the face of doom and demise, for you,
None will hesitate to fall!

Storm and quake will defy us,
The blaze of guns, the rip of barbwire,
But even if we march till the last of us falls,
Our dedication, our valor, are immortal!


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1991:

Tantos días, tantas glorias,
petos negros sobre pechos henchidos;
de orgullo llenos, en silencio ungidos,
cargando hacia la victoria.

Rompe y redobla, Fundación.
Halla y captura, Fundación.
Encierra y salva, Fundación.

Sí que lucharemos, siempre.
Se abran los cielos, se rompan los mares,
se hundan las tierras o se halle la llave,
seremos quien los encierre.

Rompe y redobla, Fundación.
Mantén y protege, Fundación.
Golpea y restringe, Fundación.

Ni escudos ni espadas, ¡nada!
Sólo carne e intelecto, ¡disciplina!
Sólo voluntad y furia, ¡doctrina!
¡Todo por la especie humana!

Ármate y espera, Fundación.
Vigila y prepara, Fundación.
Despierta y alerta, Fundación.2

So many days, so many glories,
black guards over swollen chests;
with pride filled and silence anointed,
charging forward to success.

Break and roll the drums, Foundation.
Find and capture, Foundation.
Lock and save, Foundation.

Yes, we shall fight, forever.
May the the skies split open, the seas be ripped apart,
the lands sunk or the key found,
we shall be who locks them up.

Break and roll your drums, Foundation.
Hold and protect, Foundation.
Hit and restrict, Foundation.

No shields nor swords, nothing!
Just flesh and intellect, discipline!
Just will and fury, doctrine!
All for the human species!

Arm yourself and wait, Foundation.
Stand guard and prepared, Foundation.
Awaken and be alert, Foundation.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1909:

Поле битвы вновь проснулось, и мы идем в последний бой.
Нам не страшен огонь и свинец, мы за идею жизнь отдадим.
Враг обречен, он слаб и жалок, мы сметем его долой.
Будет Солнце сиять над землей, мы наши семьи не предадим.
Так бери ружьё и шагай вперед. Мы не вернемся уже домой.
Пусть все погибнут на поле битвы, но наш народ непобедим.

The battlefield has awoken once more, and we go to the last battle.
We are not afraid of fire and lead, for the idea we will give our lives.
Doomed enemy, weak and pathetic, will be swept away.
The Sun will shine over the land, our families we will not betray.
So pick up a rifle and walk forward. We will not return home.
Let everyone die on the battlefield, but our people are invincible.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1930:

Jen Nadace tu moc nosí,
ostatní jsou před ní nazí.
Nepříteli, třes se, běž,
či v jezeru krve lež.
Jen Nadace zvítězí,
volná od všech přítěží.

Only Foundation is the power holder here.
Everybody else is naked before it.
Enemies, shake, run,
Or lie in a puddle of blood.
Only the Foundation will be victorious,
Free from all dead weight.


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1950:









Dark clouds and fierce winds eclipse the sun, evil prevails and the people suffer.
The flames rise high as if the world will end, but an army of great strength emerges.
The mighty Foundation has true heroes, fighting gods and demons with mortal souls.
Weapons fire and horns of war blow, as they use their hearts full of loyalty and bravery to guard their homes.
They step upon the land of the dead to conquer devils; they forge great iron walls to cage the dragon.
Poisonous thoughts and sinful words cannot lure them; Gunfire and thunder stand useless against them.
Their enemies collapse and flee as prey; the gods of the old times are trapped in their hands.
Why should they fear a dying god? The mighty Foundation is unstoppable!


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1944:

Нумо, заспіваєм пісню всім гуртом!
SCP-Фундація вкриє світ щитом.
Будь хоч сам диявол, хоч старезний бог -
Миттю тебе скрутимо, кинемо у льох.

В будь-якому герцю переможем враз!
Ми не знаєм жаху - хай страшаться нас!
Тож, беззубий діду, спи собі в теплі,
Вже давно скінчилися звитяги твої.

Не хапай шаблюку - сміху це задля.
Тебе відлупцює навіть немовля.
Нумо, заспіваєм пісню всім гуртом!
SCP-Фундація вкриє світ щитом.

Let us sing together
Voices loud and bold
SCP Foundation
Shielding the whole world

You may be the Devil
Or a god of yore
Bound and gagged you will be
Thrown behind the door.

We'll emerge victorious
Out of any fight.
We are proud and fearless
Let our foes have fright.

So, our toothless geezer
Sleep and stay in place.
You are long since over
Your heroic days.

Don't you grasp your saber -
You'll just be a jest.
You can't beat a toddler,
Better stay at rest.

Let us sing together
Voices loud and bold
SCP Foundation
Shielding the whole world


BRAVADO Drill ██/██/1938:

Шауып келе жатыр қазақ батыры,
Міне аттары, міне мықты қылыштары.
Денесі олардың толы күшке,
Ал жүректері - батыл, қолдары - қызу.

Таулы жерден шауып келеді.
Жауларды қол астына алады,
Кейін жеңіспен үйге қайтады.
Ақындар болса, ертегілер жазады.

Киіз үйге кіргізіп, өлең айтып,
Қонаққа қымыз бен шербет беріп.
Бірақ егер Заңымызды бұзсса,
Біліп қой, аяусыз қалдырамыз!

Lo, there they ride, magnificient daring horsemen
See their steeds, see their trusty swords
Their bodies brimming with excessive power
Their hearts are brave, their hands are full of ferocity.

How daring do they ride across the vast steppes
They noose their foes, bind them and take prisoner
Then, in full glory, they will be coming home
For the bards to praise them in their legends.

In our tents we'll sing our songs for you.
Be our guest - have some kumiss, have some sherbet.
But if you even dare to break the Law -
Know this - we have no mercy for your kind!