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Item #: SCP-3000
일련번호: SCP-3000

Object Class: Keter
등급: 케테르(Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3000 cannot be directly contained in any conceivable manner. The Foundation will continue to search for and destroy potential anchors between SCP-3000 and baseline reality.
특수 격리 절차: SCP-3000은 어떠한 수단과 방법으로도 직접적으로 격리할 수 없다. 재단은 SCP-3000과 기존 현실 간의 잠재적 닻들을 찾고 제거하는 것을 계속할 것이다.

설명: SCP-3000 is presently hypothesized to be either A) an alternate iteration of Earth (or an amalgamation of many such iterations) or B) an extradimensional manifestation that includes some superficial similarities to Earth. All information regarding SCP-3000 was recovered from data stored within a cybernetic eye augmentation, formerly attached to the right eye socket of Agent Alexis Kennedy. Although a body was not recovered, her continued survival has been deemed unlikely.
SCP-3000은 현재로서는 A) 평행우주의 지구(또는 많은 이러한 평행우주들과의 교차) 또는 B) 지구와 약간의 유사성을 가지는 초차원적 발현으로 추측된다. SCP-3000에 관한 모든 정보는 과거 알렉세이 케네디 요원의 오른쪽 눈구멍에 설치되었던 인공두뇌학적 안구 증강물에 저장된 데이터에서 복구되었다. 그녀의 몸이 발견되지 않았으므로, 지속적인 생존은 불가능했던 것으로 간주된다.

Agent Kennedy is/was a member of MTF Psi-13 ("Witch Hunters"), a highly classified joint Foundation/GOC task force created as part of Project: Sitra Achra. MTF Psi-13 is designed for the infiltration of Neo-Sarkic1 organizations and the termination of high threat members.
케네디 요원은 시트라 아크라 프로젝트의 일환으로 창설된 재단/GOC 합동 고보안 MTF 프사이-13("마녀 사냥꾼")의 일원이(었)다. MTF 프사이-13은 신사르킥2 단체들에의 침투와 고위험 구성원들의 제거를 목적으로 한다.

As part of Project: Sitra Achra, MTF Psi-13 operatives are trained in Counter Occult Stratagems (COS) and the use of corrosive/incendiary armaments; each agent equipped with a SIG Sauer P226 modified for the use of incendiary and corrosive ammunition. Members of MTF Psi-13 have undergone a small number cybernetic augmentations which include:
시트라 아크라 프로젝트의 일환으로, MTF 프사이-13 대원들은 오컬트 교전 전략(COS) 및 부식성/방화성 무기의 사용을 숙지하였다. 각 요원은 방화용 및 부식용 탄약을 위해 개조된 지그 자우어 P226으로 무장하고 있다. MTF 프사이-13의 대원들은 다음과 같은 작은 규모의 인공두뇌학적 증강들을 거쳤다.

  • Eyes have been modified with OI-T7 (Ocular Implant Type 7), allowing the wearer to record video data which is in turn delivered to Foundation command as a live feed and stored within an internal hard-drive. The OI-T7 can be adjusted for focal length and low light environments. The OI-T7 is also equipped with a GPS monitor.
  • Part of the skull has been surgically implanted with a SCAI-T2 (Sub-Cranial Auditory Implant Type 2), allowing for audio recording which is in turn stored within a memory chip inside the OI-T7.
  • Sub-dermal biotelemetric monitors for the tracking of vital signs.

On 08/07/2015, the Foundation began to receive the GPS coordinates of Agent Kennedy, although radio contact could not be reestablished. Agent Kennedy was traced to an alleyway in the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong - over 12,000 km from where she had initially gone missing. As previously noted, only her augmented right eye was recovered from these coordinates.

WARNING: O5 Approval Required

The file you are attempting to access is only available to Sitra Achra personnel and those with Level 4/3000 authorization. This clearance does not include standard Level 4 security protocol. Attempting access beyond this point without the required clearance is grounds for termination.