SCP-600-KO translated

  To be contained in
one single original document
separate from any network.
 SCP-600-KO Level 4 Clearance
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Central Site 
Korean HQ 

Item #
Other docs Monitor any updates  
for SCP-600-KO report
on a daily basis.   
     Euclid   or infos
about the
obj. must be
Dir. Noraemine   
Obj. Cl.    If there is an
  update, MTF Kappa
  -6 is to track the
   new SCP-600
   -KO-A and
    destroy it.


 Sp. Cont.
Dr. Song Wonjae
Admin. Info In Charge  Dr. Seo Ain
MTF    Kappa-6
 "Data Lumberjack"
Recovery Log 2019/04/05      
A meta-ful concept. Description  
was discovered in
████ Library, Seoul,
and recovered.
Turns every docs
mentioning it into a
tree-like mind map.
Media form (digital,
printed, handwritten, 
etc.) is irrelevant.
Polluted docs (SCP-600-KO-A) will
become identical
in their contents.
Upon discovery, the
object was in very
complex form with 502
brs and 1296 roots.
 MTF Kappa-6
has tracked and destroyed
SCP-600-KO-A, and
succeeded to simplify them
into its current form.
Each doc is made by leaving only the desc. about SCP-600-KO and collecting them in one place.
Can be spread
by the hyperlink
if it exists in
the document.
2020/04/03  Incident
Due to an administrative error, database of Korean HQ has been widely contaminated
by SCP-600-KO.
is Song Wonjae
Dr. Song became vanished,
and the situation started to be
retrieved well quickly.
Dr. Seo proposed to add
an interview log in the report
to try to communicated with
Dr. Song.
After this incident,
a figure of a man has been
added in the picture
of the tree in the mind map.
Proposal approved.

Dr. Song here.
I didn't understand the state in which I have become yet,
but I'm fine for now.

To get equivalency with SCP-600-KO,
it seems that a concept of one person is needed to be effective.
Please take note of that for further actions.

Unfortunately I feel that my information quantity
is nearly out while thinning out
SCP-600-KO in the database.

Please save my handwritting above.
I'm not sure if, when it is erased,
the physical myself will be restored
or myself as a concept will also be vanished.

Uh… I need to get some rest.
I'll leave others to you.

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