• SCP-995 - Under The Couch

SCP-995 - 침대 아래에

Item #: SCP-995

일련번호: SCP-995

Object Class: Euclid

등급: 유클리드(Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures:

특수 격리 절차:

SCP-995 is to be secured in a two (2) by three (3) meter terrarium placed in a four (4) x four (4) containment room.

SCP-995는 2m*3m크기의 유리 용기 속에 격리하여 4m*4m의 격리실에 보관한다.

The terrarium is to be cleaned twice a week. During cleaning SCP-995 should be placed in a substitute terrarium fit for its size.

대상을 격리하는 유리 용기는 주당 2회씩 청소되어야 하며, 유리 용기를 청소하는 동안에 대상은 적절한 크기의 다른 유리용기에 격리되어야 한다.

All personnel should be sterilized before and after coming into the containment cell.

모든 인원들은 격리 구역에 들어가기 전후로 살균 소독을 하여야 한다.

SCP-995 is to be contained in multiple terrariums with each colony separated.

SCP-995는 여러 유리 용기에 격리하여 각각의 군집으로 분리하여야 한다.

Currently there are 4 colonies; each terrarium is to be made to fit the number and size of SCP-995 in the colony.

현재 대상은 네 군집으로 이루어져 있다. 각각의 유리용기는 각 군집들의 크기에 맞춰 제작되어야 한다.

SCP-995 has been moved to a larger containment room which is 20 x 20 meters.

SCP-995는 20m*20m 크기의 더 큰 격리실로 옮겨졌다.

Each terrarium is to be cleaned weekly.

각각의 유리 용기는 주마다 한 번씩 청소하여야 한다.

If any colony reaches the established population limit, randomly selected SCP-995s are to be destroyed.

만약 군집이 정해진 인구 한계치에 도달하면 SCP-995들을 무작위적으로 선택하여 파괴한다.

Only Level 2 personnel or higher are granted access to SCP-995 with approval from any Level 3 researcher that has been assigned SCP-995.

오직 보안 인가 등급 3등급 이상 인원의 허가를 받은 보안 인가 등급 2등급 이상의 인원만이 SCP-995에 접근할 수 있다.

Feeding of the specimens is to be done twice a week at appropriate hours. During any containment breach the room is to be sterilized by incineration.

샘플에 먹이를 주는 것은 일주일에 두 번 적절한 시간에 행해져야 한다. 격리 실패 상황 발생 시 방을 소각 및 살균 소독한다.

Description: SCP-995 is an organism with traits that vary between those of fungi and those of animals.

설명: SCP-995는 균류와 동물류와는 다른 특성을 보이는 유기체이다.

SCP-995's life cycle starts with it being a spore.

The spore stays dormant until it finds an area that has low light and is moist.

However, an SCP-995 spore has more probability of activating under artificial structures such as household furniture; leather, vinyl, and polyester seem to be favored.

There, the spore will grow into a soft organic mass which feeds off microorganisms in the air.

It will continue to grow, sprouting appendages enabling it to move.

A mouth will soon form, along with teeth and a simple digestive tract.

SCP-995 in its mature stage feeds on larger organisms such as insects and rodents.

The specimen will then start generating more instances of SCP-995 via the reproduction of spores.

SCP-995 has been known to reach the size of [DATA REDACTED] in diameter.

Infants have become prey, along with household pets.

If a large population of SCP-995 has spawned in a small area, SCP-995 will start to migrate, having the capabilities of infesting an average house by the hundreds in a few days.

The first instance of SCP-995 was discovered in ████████'s Furniture Shop in ███████████,GA which closed down the previous month due to financial issues.

A group of adolescents trespassed in the closed shop and discovered the partially consumed body of a homeless man, who seemed to have taken shelter in the store.

Police were called in and discovered a large colony of SCP-995 in the store, and a Foundation team was sent to investigate.

The team administered Class-A amnesiacs to the Police officers involved and shipped the colony of SCP-995 to Site-██.

Addendum: SCP-995 has been relocated to a larger containment room since the locations of 3 new colonies have been discovered and contained.

A list has been configured to catalog the current colonies and their diverse characteristics.

List of Colonies of SCP-995

Colony: SCP-995-A

Discovered: 3/3/██

Number of specimens: 349

Description: SCP-995-A is the original colony of SCP-995.

SCP-995-A are greyish blue in color, ranging from 8 centimeters to 40 centimeters in diameter during Mature age.

Special Characteristics: SCP-995-A moves on 4 appendages with clawed feet and currently appear to have the fastest reproductive rate.

Colony: SCP-995-B

Discovered: 6/██/██

Number of specimens: 10

Description: SCP-995-B are dark green and range from 30 centimeters to ██ centimeters in diameter during mature age.

Special Characteristics: SCP-995-B are the most aggressive of the species, and have an elongated snout with extremely sharp, needle-like teeth which are coated in an unknown paralyzing agent.

Colony: SCP-995-C

Discovered: 1/02/08

Number of Specimens: 264

Description: SCP-995-C are black in color and range from 5 centimeters to 20 centimeters in diameter at mature age.

Special Characteristics: SCP-995-C are the smallest in size and are able to expel a highly acidic chemical from their 4 eyes.

Colony: SCP-995-D

Discovered: 5/30/11

Number of Specimens: 23

Description: SCP-995-D are dark red in color and range from 10 centimeters to ██ centimeters in diameter during mature age.

Special Characteristics: SCP-995-D are able to emit a variety of noises which vary from ringtones to a human infant's cry.

It is presumed that these sounds are made to lure prey in SCP-995-D's area where a group of them would attack. SCP-995-D seems to be the most advanced in behavior and intelligence.