shaggydredlocks-proposal 새벽이 밝아올 때
빛을 두려워하십시오.
SCP-3980 장님이 장님 인도하기
FOB 로크에서 나오는 모든 통신은 무시하라. 생존자는 없다.
SCP-2193 "Monthly Termination"
No evidence for the initial adoption or implementation of such a policy exists in any Foundation records
SCP-3280 After the Storm
It is a dark and stormy night…
SCP-783 There Was A Crooked Man
SCP-783 and D-209 remain in the hallway for the duration of the night. Snapping is heard intermittently. D-209 ceases screaming at 04:27.
SCP-783-L1 Exploration Log 1
D-2172 turns towards the source of the noise to find the naked body of an elongated SCP-783 victim. It is sprawled across the road, unmoving, a few dozen meters away.
SCP-1661 그렘린
SCP-1661은 야간에 비행중인 표적을 집합적으로 공격해 사냥하기를 선호한다.
SCP-2385 Somewhere in the Between
SCP-2385 is a subterranean network composed of undifferentiated human tissue.
SCP-2923 X-Men Syndrome
Twelve amazing flavors, twelve INCREDIBLE powers!
SCP-3963 I Contain Multitudes
A young woman, covered head-to-toe in bile and blood, was seen to be ejected from the wound.
SCP-4910 "씩 웃는 자"
이전에 있던 58번의 포획 시도는 성공하지 못했고, 심각한 치아 파열, 내출혈, 사망을 불러왔다.
SCP-3246 A Nice Old Lady
Knitwear and crocheted items produced by SCP-3246 present a number of anomalous attributes that are apparently tailored to the intended recipient's personal wants or needs.
SCP-3247 A Magic Mime and his Mighty Morphin' Method Acting Spider Kids
Four dozen SCP-3247-A paired off to form what seemed to be marijuana cigarettes. D-11424 was successful in lighting and smoking one pair until they were reduced to ash.