SCP - ████ - KING

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP - ████ must be kept safely in a maximum security environment. He needs to be in a room bigger than a room with 20m x 20m. And the room is filled with furniture and other stuffs fhich was ordered by SCP - ████. SCP - ████ must be never destroyed. When SCP - ████ dies, he borns into someone else's body immediately. So, if SCP - ████ dies, it is not easy to find him. He is cooperative, so the only thing that the SCP foundation had to do was to protect him and always make sure that no wounds happen to SCP - ████. It's because, when Dr. █████ tried to harm SCP - ████ by taking his blood, every species of living creature, except for humans, which belongs to this world and time, suddenly caused a chaos.
Description: SCP - ████ is appeared to be a male human, which age is 14. He was living with their parents in New York for 14 years until the SCP foundation found the boy. He had a bright blond hair, blue eyes and white skin. Physical ability was the same as the general public. He insisted that his name was ████ ██████.

SCP - ████ has the ability to make every species of living creature to obey, except for humans, which belongs to this world and time. For example, SCP - 711 does not belongs to this time, so he obeys SCP - ████, but SCP - 590 belongs here, so he does not obey him. When he command something using his power, his eyes become white. There are no restrictions on the ability.

Dr. ████ tried to use him to destroy SCP - 682 but SCP - ████ didn't like to destroy anything. And he had some kind of bond with the others. He could shre his or the others' emotional feleling.
**Record Date: █████.███.███- **

Dr. █████: █████, can you tell SCP - 682 to kill itself?
SCP - █████: I think so..
Dr. █████: Then lets tr..
SCP - █████: But I dont want to!
Dr. █████: Why do you think so?
SCP - █████: Because.. he is so pitiful..
Dr. █████: (sighs)